What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an in-depth work-based training programme linked to a job role. An apprentice does a real job, and makes a big impact on their workplace.

As an apprentice, 80% of your working hours would be spent doing the job, while 20% is spent on training and personal development.

An apprenticeship leads to a recognised qualification. A Level 3 programme typically lasts between 12-15 months, with options to move onto a Level 4 programme, which can take between 15-21 months.

Is an Apprenticeship Right for You?

Apprenticeships are an amazing way to kickstart your career, blending a qualification with on-the-job work experience. Apprenticeships are a great fit for people who are motivated, love to learn, and are happy to take the initiative. On an apprenticeship, you’ll lead the way on your professional development, supported by a team of mentors, managers, and technical trainers.

An apprenticeship is a big full-time commitment. It’s really important that you choose an apprenticeship programme that you’re passionate about, with a company that you feel is a good fit for you.

Expand Your Knowledge

There are a range of useful courses you can enrol onto to grow your skills in your chosen field of study and strengthen your application when applying for any apprenticeship vacancies. Take a look at the courses below, or scroll down to find out more about our talent development programmes.

IT: Expand Your Knowledge

If you’re looking to build up your skills and learn more about IT, we’d recommend the following free courses:


Software: Expand Your Knowledge

Start learning to code at home with this great range of free courses you can add to your apprenticeship application:


Marketing: Expand Your Knowledge

Boost your digital marketing knowledge and sharpen your skills with this great range of free online courses:


Data: Expand Your Knowledge

Demonstrate your passion for data and start building some impressive skills with our recommended beginner courses:

Baltic Apprenticeships' Eligibility Criteria Explained

Apprenticeships are subject to certain eligibility criteria, including funding rules, prior skills and qualifications, and location. In some cases, our recruitment team may look at your application and spot something that could prevent you from starting an apprenticeship with us. Below, you’ll find some extra guidance around these topics that could help get your apprenticeship journey back on track.

Grading & International Qualifications

For all of our apprenticeship programmes, we ask for GCSE Grade 4/C or above in Maths and English. These requirements reflect the skillsets that are needed to succeed in the job role and complete the training programme.

If you currently don’t meet the minimum grades for our apprenticeships, you can study for GCSEs or Level 2 Functional Skills through your local college or other training providers.

If you studied outside of the UK, we may need to verify that your qualifications are a suitable equivalent to our minimum required grades.

To do this, you’ll need to apply for a Statement of Comparability from UK ENIC, the national agency for international qualifications and skills. This generally costs around £50 and you will need copies of your qualifications to make an application.

Location & Residency Status

When applying for one of our apprenticeships, we need to make sure you can travel to work every day. We advise that candidates do not travel more than 45 minutes by public transport, or 15 miles by car.

Although long distances may seem achievable in the beginning, apprenticeships are a long-term commitment, and we often find travelling such a distance is not sustainable for the full duration of the programme. Long commutes can be particularly difficult as an apprentice, where transport costs may claim a significant portion of your wages.

Apprenticeship training is funded through the UK government. Therefore, there are some restrictions on who can be funded for an apprenticeship. To be considered for an apprenticeship, you must have the right to work in England and have an eligible residency status

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How to Prepare for an Interview

So, you've applied for an apprenticeship and secured an interview - what's next? An apprenticeship interview is just like any other interview: preparation is key. To help you stand out during the interview process, we've created a handy video that covers our team’s top tips and tricks!

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Short Courses from Baltic Apprenticeships

Our Talent Development programmes are a fantastic way to test drive our training and decide which digital career path could be right for you. These short courses provide the skills and support you’ll need to hit the ground running on an apprenticeship programme. Follow the links below to find out if we have a course running in your area.

Data Skills Accelerator

Software Development Academy

Digital Marketing Academy

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

How to write a CV for an apprenticeship

When applying for an apprenticeship, writing your CV for the role can be hard. In this blog, we explore the key features to include on your CV to help you stand out and get hired!

Feedback & Complaints

Baltic Apprenticeships strive to deliver a high standard service and we openly welcome feedback from candidates at all stages of their apprenticeship journey. To leave feedback, suggestions or a complaint, please check the details on our customer service page.

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Safeguarding Policy

At Baltic Apprenticeships, we have a responsibility to ensure that our learners are kept safe from potential harm. This is commonly known as safeguarding. Safeguarding is at the heart of how Baltic Apprenticeships operates. To discuss a safeguarding query or concern, please find the details below.

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