Monthly Masterclasses

Monthly Masterclasses take a deep dive into widely used industry tools and techniques to ensure our learners stays at the forefront of technology advancements.

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Monthly Masterclasses take our apprenticeships one step further.

We go above and beyond the original apprenticeship standard – each month our Masterclasses give our learners the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new industry tool or technique and gain extra certifications.

Masterclasses range from 1 hour to 2.5 days, and ensure that our apprenticeship programmes can be tailored and personalised to suit individual roles, goals, and business needs.

Delivered by our in-house experts, the sessions are exclusive to our learners and carefully curated to keep our apprenticeships at the forefront of technological advancements. Our Masterclasses keep our programmes innovative, flexible and exciting while meeting the needs of modern businesses and aspiring young professionals.


Custom Curriculum

Based on new industry advancements & technologies.

Delivered by Experts

Delivered by our Senior Coaches on our SMART Classroom.

Tailored Training

Extra training on tools and techniques relevant to your business.

Off-the-Job Hours

Masterclass participation can be logged as off-the-job hours.



Throughout the course, my coach made sure we all understood each element step by step, providing real-time examples and demonstrations, as well as giving us access to a demo account to gain first-hand experience. 

This approach helped us pass our test and effectively apply the knowledge to our job roles. I highly recommend taking part in this masterclass to develop your skills.

Isabelle Street – Google Analytics 4 Masterclass

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The Azure Fundamentals Masterclass gave me an overview of many Azure services, such as compute, networking, storage, database, web, mobile, AI, IoT, and security.

I learned how to identify the key features and benefits of each service, and how to select the appropriate service for different scenarios this really puts me in good stead to implement Azure and new Microsoft services out to our business.

Ben Thubron – Azure Fundamentals Masterclass

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Masterclass Suggestions

Learning is in your hands. Let us know what Monthly Masterclasses you want to see!


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