Why Learn with Baltic?

An apprenticeship is more than just the course content. It is important to us that our apprentices enjoy their time on programme; that’s why we offer a range of benefits that are exclusive to our learners.

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We understand the significance of ensuring our apprentices not only gain valuable skills, but also thoroughly enjoy their time on programme.

First and foremost, we prioritise creating a supportive and engaging learning environment, and we foster a positive atmosphere where apprentices are encouraged to explore, ask questions, and grow professionally and personally. Our mentors and trainers are always available to offer guidance, support, and constructive feedback throughout the apprenticeship journey.

We believe that a well-rounded experience enhances the apprenticeship journey – so we offer a range of additional perks and advantages to make sure our learners enjoy their time on programme. These benefits include access to exclusive industry events, networking opportunities, and workshops that allow apprentices to grow and connect with other professionals.


1-1 Mentoring

Virtual Events

Baltic Community Platform

Free Access to Headspace

Baltic Champions

Apprentice of the Month


Baltic Community

We know that apprentices don’t always get the opportunity to network with other apprentices. We wanted to change that! Who better to talk to about your apprenticeship programme than others on the same journey?

You’ll be joining a community of like-minded professionals; whether your aim is to be a Software Developer, Digital Marketer, Data Analyst, or IT Technician, all our apprentices have one shared goal – to develop a long-term career in the UK’s thriving tech and digital sector.

By joining our Baltic Community, you unlock exclusive events, networking opportunities, and useful resources, which have been created and curated specifically for our Baltic apprentices.


Baltic Live Events

You asked, we listened! Welcome to Baltic Live, an interactive events and networking programme created by and for Baltic apprentices. Baltic Live is a series of virtual events designed to broaden and enrich our apprentices’ overall apprenticeship experience. Each month, we bring together our learners, industry experts, Baltic Champions and the Baltic team to discuss a fresh topic.

Our monthly events bring together industry leaders to discuss topics that will support our learners to develop successful careers in digital technologies. Expect workshops, Q&As, and exciting insights into everything from professional development to well-being support, and from career guidance to cutting-edge tutorials. Baltic Live brings the very best of the digital and tech sector to a screen near you!

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We’re encouraging you to be kind to your mind with Headspace. All our apprentices have free access to Headspace, a meditation app which motivates users to make mindfulness a daily habit. The app provides guided meditations and resources to help reduce stress, improve sleep, and promote better emotional well-being.

Headspace acknowledges that mindfulness looks different to everyone and promotes incorporating it into your day in a way that feels natural to you; whether that’s a quick five minutes of reflection on the bus to work, or an hour of guided meditation in the evening. The platform has something for everyone, including guided meditations, mood-boosting workouts, yoga classes, focus music, and soothing sleep sounds.


Baltic Champions

We know there are questions apprentices would rather ask fellow apprentices, as opposed to their employer or their coach. That’s why we introduced our Baltic Champions scheme in 2022.

Our Baltic Champions are a select group of Level 4 apprentices who have volunteered to share their experiences and expertise to support our Level 3 apprentices. They play an integral part in promoting the friendly, supportive, and non-judgmental ethos that we uphold with our learners.

Baltic Champions are there to act as a mentor and answer relevant questions and provide helpful advice. We regularly invite our Baltic Champions to contribute towards our blog posts, social media posts, and success stories. We also invite them to take a leading role in planning and presenting at our Baltic Live events.


Support Centre

At Baltic, we’re committed to developing you not only as a professional but also as a person. Our Support Centre presents a range of useful resources that will help you develop your knowledge on important topics such as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Safeguarding and Health & Wellbeing.

Learners can also use our Support Centre to contact our Safeguarding Team – anonymously or otherwise. Our Safeguarding Team are dedicated to keep each of our learners safe and protect them from physical abuse, emotional abuse, domestic abuse, cyberbullying, radicalisation, among other safeguarding concerns, and support our learners with their physical and mental health.

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