Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing

For businesses, having a clear thought-out marketing strategy is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity to survive. Our two-week Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing provides comprehensive training in the key elements of marketing.

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Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing



Our Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing guides learners through everything an aspiring digital marketer needs to know, including search engine optimisation (SEO), keyword research, link building, social media, creating high-quality content, and the associated laws, regulations, and ethics.

Our expert coaches will provide learners with support and guidance throughout the course while they gain the sought-after skills and practical experience needed to thrive in any marketing department.

Upon completion, learners receive personal support to help plan their next steps. The programme can be used as a stand-alone professional development course to develop new skills or be the start of an exciting new career – as it is designed with built-in routes for progression.



To be eligible for our Skills Bootcamps, candidates must have passed Maths & English at GCSE.

Our Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing is open to anyone aged 19+ living in England that is looking to take the next steps in their digital marketing career through powerful professional development.

This programme has been designed for anyone who wants to develop professionally in the tech and digital industry – whether learners are looking for their first job, aiming to change careers, or looking to develop their tech and digital skills to improve their performance within their current job role.

It doesn’t matter if learners are brand new to the world of digital marketing or already have some existing knowledge, this Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing offers a one-stop shop for both essential concepts and advanced skills.


Course Delivery

Our Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing is delivered over the course of two weeks. We combine both trainer led and self-study learning to help learners advance their marketing skills and achieve an Industry recognised qualification. Each Skills Bootcamp is delivered via our SMART Classroom, which is a real-time, online training room. All training is tutor-led and is delivered by our expert coaches.

Skills Bootcamps are made up of high-quality, industry-specific syllabi that are tailor-made to include the sought-after skills and knowledge employers want, and they are regularly updated to include modern industry trends and techniques. Learners will undertake a range of hands-on activities to ensure they can apply what they have learnt throughout the duration of the two-week course.


Career Progression

Our Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing will provide learners with a clear introduction to the exciting world of digital marketing. From here, learners can apply their new skills immediately to their current role, or use these new skills to pursue a brand new career in marketing.

Skills Bootcamps are commonly referred to as “pre-apprenticeship programmes.” For those looking to continue their professional development, and better improve their skills, or enter a completely new industry – an apprenticeship programme could be the next step.

Our recommended progression route for this Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing is our Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship, or our Level 3 Content Creator apprenticeship. After completing this Skills Bootcamp, our friendly team will help learners plan their next steps, help them enrol on an apprenticeship programme with their current employer, or secure an apprenticeship position with an employer local to them.



In this session, we’ll explore the basics of digital marketing. We’ll look at the role marketing plays within a business and learn some of the key concepts that underpin all marketing activity. With this strong foundation of knowledge, you’ll be ready to dive in!


Websites do a lot of heavy lifting in digital marketing, serving as the destination for many campaigns. You’ll learn how websites work and get hands-on with creating your own website.


Creating great content is only half the battle. To get results, your content needs to be discoverable. That’s where SEO comes in. We’ll take you through the basics of Search Engine Optimisation and explore the importance of analytics to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns.


Social media is bigger than ever, which presents some unique challenges and opportunities to digital marketers. You’ll learn how businesses can make an impact with social media and start creating content for a range of social channels.


They say content is key, but how exactly can you use a blog post, video, or email newsletter to boost brand awareness and generate sales? In this session, you’ll learn about different content marketing approaches and get creative with your own content strategy.


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Grading, International Qualifications & Residency Status

We request that you have passed Maths and English at GCSE to be eligible for our Skills Bootcamps. If you currently don’t meet the minimum grades, you can study for GCSEs or Level 2 Functional Skills through your local college or other training providers.

If you studied outside of the UK, we may need to verify that your qualifications are a suitable equivalent to our minimum required grades. To do this, you’ll need to apply for a Statement of Comparability from UK ENIC, the national agency for international qualifications and skills. This generally costs around £50, and you’ll need copies of your qualifications to make an application.

Skills Bootcamps are funded via the Department of Education. Therefore, there are some restrictions on who can be funded. To be considered for a Skills Bootcamp, you must have the right to work in England and have eligible residency status.


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Lifetime Skills Guarantee

Our Skills Bootcamps are part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee. The Lifetime Skills Guarantee is designed to help the UK economy come back stronger after the pandemic.

Our two-week Skills Bootcamps are available across England, and provide participants with the opportunity to build up industry-specific skills in IT, digital marketing, and data.

We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to gain new skills, regardless of external socio-economic factors, such as geographical location, occupation, or previous education. Lifetime Skills Guarantee ensures everyone can better their career prospects, and that employers have access to highly skilled workers.


Becoming an apprentice can be one of the most rewarding career decisions you ever make. Unlike University, apprenticeships offer earn while you learn opportunities, setting you up for success in the tech & digital sector.

Become an Apprentice


Recruiting an apprentice helps businesses build a pipeline of future tech talent, avoiding high recruitment costs and lack of candidate availability associated with the tech & digital sector.

Recruit an Apprentice


Apprenticeships aren’t just for new hires, they’re a powerful tool for CPD. Whether you’re looking to enhance your team’s performance or utilise your Apprenticeship Levy, our higher apprenticeships could be the perfect solution.

Professional Development

The application process with Baltic and Plimsoll was really simple in comparison to both university applications and also some other apprenticeships. I’ve noticed throughout the jobs in my career that the application process can be just as important as the job itself.

Annalise McAleer – Digital Marketing Apprentice

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I knew that full time education wasn’t for me. With a mortgage and bills to pay, I still needed to work full time. So an apprenticeship looked perfect for me. Combining learning with my job works well for me. I’d like to continue my apprenticeship journey with a Level 6 qualification next.

Kelly Baber – Digital Marketing Apprentice

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