Annalise McAleer - Digital Marketing Apprentice

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Q: Before you started your apprenticeship, what were your career goals and experiences? 

I worked in social media throughout my Sixth Form in school, and it was something I enjoyed but it wasn’t anything serious or full time. I had planned to go into financial economics as I had enjoyed studying that.

When I had read the application description for my current job/apprenticeship I saw that it had merged both of those interests together and it was something I’d never thought about!

Marketing in business analysis and the world of economics was perfect fit for me and it still is. It’s weird to think how things just slot into place sometimes – like fate, and I suppose this was one of these times.

Q: What appealed to you about taking the apprenticeship route?

With Covid-19 I felt really uncomfortable going to university with the uncertainty and I also would’ve loved to have had zero debt. While I was waiting for my A Level results, I had a look around the market and began to apply for a handful of apprenticeships – ranging from Level 3 to degree, I was selective and choosing ones which personally fit me and those which I knew would benefit me as a person.

The application process with Baltic and Plimsoll was really simple in comparison to both university applications and also some other apprenticeships. I’ve noticed throughout the jobs in my career that the application process can be just as important as the job itself.

Q: What kinds of tasks and responsibilities do you have in your job role?

I’ve come to realise that digital marketing encompasses so many things that I wouldn’t have expected, most people genuinely think my job is to scroll on social media or to watch Twitter trends, but I can get up to so much! This can include:

  • Analytics and reports
  • Social media content creation & scheduling
  • CRM & lead generation
  • Landing page creation
  • Handling events & webinars

And so much more! I can walk into the office one day and my plans could totally change, and ideas can come out of nowhere.

Q: What has your greatest achievement been in your apprenticeship journey so far?

For me, in my Level 3 journey, I was able to go back to my old Sixth Form and talk to a handful of students about apprenticeships, the process behind them, the learning and personal development and even the little things like apprenticeship pay or where to start!

When I was in Sixth Form, I wasn’t really given much of an insight into apprenticeships and we were told as students just to check the government website as all colleges and Sixth Forms are really keen on moving students towards university.

I felt proud knowing that me going and talking to the students could’ve benefited them and helped them progress into the right career. I know that if I was in their position, I would’ve really appreciated hearing from someone in apprenticeships, whether that is an apprentice themselves or a provider.

Q: What marketing tips, tools, or life hacks do you wish you had known earlier? 

For me, it’s the daft question of asking questions! In work and your career, you’ll get nowhere without asking questions and trying to find new opportunities.

I’m always asking people in the office different questions and their thoughts on things – especially new ideas. It may feel like you’re being annoying or overly chatty, but you’re learning and helping to form your career, and insights from other people and colleagues are SUPER valuable!

What’s next? 

We hope this blog has provided you with an exciting insight into our Digital Marketing Champion Annalise’s career progression and current role.

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