Isabelle Street - Google Analytics 4 Masterclass

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Within my Google Analytics course, I learnt in depth all the elements of how Google Analytics 4 works and how I can apply it to my job role to showcase thorough findings and research analysis for the business I work for.

Throughout the course, my coach made sure we all understood each element step by step, providing real-time examples and demonstrations, as well as giving us access to a demo account to gain first-hand experience. This approach helped us pass our test and effectively apply the knowledge to our job roles.

Prior to completing this, I had only briefly heard about Google Analytics and how it can be used within a business, but after completing this masterclass I have come away feeling 10 times more confident in my ability and knowledge of Google Analytics, and I am confident that doing this course will help me long term in my role.

I highly recommend taking part in this masterclass to develop your skills.