The Baltic Apprenticeships Awards 2024

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We’ve had the Grammys, Brits, and Oscars, but now it’s time for the tech industry’s most prestigious award ceremony…

It’s that time again, it’s the Baltic Apprenticeships Awards 2024! 🏆

We’re presenting 6 different awards to some of our outstanding performers, but we can’t let our apprentices have all the fun – we’re recognising and celebrating the hard work and dedication of our employers and coaches too.

The Baltic Apprenticeships Awards 2024 categories are:

  • Apprentice of the Year Award 🎉
  • Employer of the Year Award 💻
  • Rising Star of the Year Award ⭐
  • Champion of Change Award 💪🏼
  • Innovator of the Year Award 💡
  • Coach of the Year Award 📚

It sounds cliché, but picking a winner gets harder every year. There were so many fantastic nominations this year that it was difficult to pick just one winner for each category. Everyone is a winner in our eyes, but sadly we only have 6 awards to give…

Good luck to all our amazing nominees!

Please join us in congratulating our 2024 winners on social media 🎉

🎉 Apprentice of the Year Award

The Apprentice of the Year goes to… Ed Pitman! Ed has just completed his Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship at Transform Digital, achieving a Distinction in his EPA! 🤩

“Before joining us, Ed hadn’t worked in digital marketing before. In fact, he hadn’t worked in an office before. What impressed us from day one was his enthusiasm, interest and curiosity. Ed convinced us of his appetite to pursue a career in digital marketing, even if he was the most nervous candidate we have ever interviewed.

Since those nervous first days, Ed has continually grown in both the confidence and skills he has developed. As a marketing agency working with clients in complex businesses, we have incredibly high expectations, so the standards required of every team member are incredibly high. This has provided Ed with a phenomenal opportunity to learn from the team to supplement his apprenticeship, an opportunity that Ed has seized.

This is where Ed’s attitude has come into play. He is great at building relationships and has learnt the importance of time management, organisational and project management skills to build trust with the team. And he’s even taught us a few things along the way as well.”

– Veronica Hannon, Managing Director, Transform Digital

Amazing work Ed! It is incredible to see how you have made such a significant impact on Transform Digital 🎉

👏🏼 Apprentice of the Year – Highly Commended Award

Surprise! As this year’s awards were so incredibly difficult to pick from, we have added a ‘Highly Commended’ Award. This award goes to… Alexander Swinden!

Alexander has just completed his Level 3 Junior Data Analyst apprenticeship with Minerva Learning Trust, achieving a Distinction in his EPA!

“Alex started with us having had no prior experience within education or working with data. Over the 12 months he spent with us he learned about the sheer volume and breadth of data that is used within a school and how it feeds through to almost every aspect of education.

Later on in his apprenticeship he started using his analysis skills to look at things like the secondary accountability measures and the school timetable – the skills used as a data manager rather than a data clerk.

Alex had an immediate impact on the school. One of the first things he mastered was our internal policies and systems surrounding school safeguarding within the system and his appointment reduced staff workload almost immediately.”

– Sam Iddles, Data & MIS Manager, Minerva Learning Trust

Well done Alexander, and good luck in your new position. Past apprentices make the best managers! 🎉

💻 Employer of the Year Award

The Employer of the Year award goes to… Age UK North Tyneside! Age UK North Tyneside is an incredible charity based in the North East that provides services such as Support for Ex-Services, Help at Home, plus more.

“Age UK North Tyneside provides Holly with the opportunity to attend multiple local events, network with others, take the lead on marketing campaigns as well as complete all training courses and portfolio work on her apprenticeship.

She never feels stressed or overwhelmed with workload whether that be from the apprenticeship side or the business side, as she has been given all the time and support, she needed to get through to her EPA, which has also enabled her to work effectively and produce high-quality content.

I would most definitely like to give a special shout-out to Josh Smith (Marketing Manager) at Age UK North Tyneside, as he has been nothing but a gem in the past year and sets a great example for Holly.”

– Rosie McGuigan, Digital Marketing Coach, Baltic Apprenticeships

Congratulations Age UK North Tyneside, it is a pleasure to work with you! 🎉

⭐ Rising Star Award

Our Rising Star Award goes to… Daniel Hemans! Daniel is a Level 3 IT Support Technician apprentice at TechCare.

“Since joining TechCare just a few months ago, Dan has exhibited remarkable growth in both confidence and technical proficiency. Initially daunted by the task, Dan now proficiently manages incoming support calls on the IT service desk, serving as the primary point of contact for all enquiries.

He has developed his ability to ask applicable questions, efficiently getting key information from customers. Dan’s proactive approach, coupled with his dedication to continuous improvement, positions him as a promising asset to our organisation. His achievements to date serve as a testament to his potential for future success and growth within the industry.

Overall, Dan’s journey at TechCare illustrates a remarkable transformation, characterised by a blend of technical proficiency, effective communication, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. His growth path highlights his potential as a valuable asset at TechCare.”

– Emily Keeling, Marketing Manager, TechCare

Well done Daniel, keep up the amazing work. We can’t wait to watch you grow as a professional! 🎉

💪🏼 Champion of Change Award

Our Champion of Change award goes to… Isabelle N. Isabelle is a Level 4 Data Analyst apprentice with Matillion.

“Last July, I started my Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship with my training provider, Baltic Apprenticeships, where I was offered a placement with Matillion.

Prior to Matillion, I had been working in the Fashion industry for almost 7 years in Production and Merchandising roles. The apprenticeship scheme at Matillion enabled me to make a career switch I thought was not possible”

– Isabelle N., Data Engineer Apprentice, Matillion

We’ve watched Isabelle’s journey over the past few months, and we were so impressed with her bravery to leave her job in fashion and pursue a completely new career in Data – a predominately male industry.

She was unfulfilled in her Merchandising role, but she realised she found joy in working with data and looked forward to the analytical aspects of the role. She began to consider transitioning into the tech industry, but lacked the technical experience.

To break into the tech industry, Isabelle chose to pursue an apprenticeship. She saw this as an opportunity to expand her professional network, seek insights and advice, and learn from experienced team members.

We love seeing people pursue their dreams and career goals, so Baltic Apprenticeships wanted to personally commend Isabelle with this award.

💡 Innovator of the Year Award

Our Innovator of the Year award goes to… Kane Quinlan! Kane has just completed his Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship with Asda, earning a Distinction in his EPA! 🎉

“Kane has made significant contributions to several key Asda applications that directly impact business efficiency and customer experience.

Since joining Asda straight from school, Kane has demonstrated impressive growth, not just in his technical skillset but also in his confidence. He has tackled a diverse range of products (Scan & Go, Newsflash, Rewards, receiving), showcasing his adaptability. This is further evidenced by his participation in hackathons, where he problem-solved alongside experienced colleagues.

While Kane’s consistent effort and positive attitude are commendable, his greatest achievement lies in his demonstrated adaptability and problem-solving skills. Throughout his apprenticeship, he has tackled a diverse range of projects, some high-profile and others more technical.”

– Peter Yeo, Development Manager, ASDA

Well done Kane, we are so proud of your hard work – keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible! 🎉

📚 Coach of the Year Award

Last but definitely not least… Our Coach of the Year award goes to Dann Peacock! Dann is an IT Coach here at Baltic Apprenticeships.

“He has been outstanding when presenting in the courses, making sure everyone has been involved and has just been overall amazing. In my opinion, he’s made everyone feel welcome and given the best support and learning experience for everyone in his group including myself.

One lesson he stayed behind for nearly a full hour after a course because I didn’t really understand Project 1 when it was set and he went through it again with me, and because of this I then had a complete understanding of what needed doing and how to do it.

I believe Dann should 100% be coach of the year because without him I definitely wouldn’t be at the stage I’m at now.”

– Ceejay Verhees, IT Apprentice, Stoneacre Motor Group 

This is simply superb Dann! We know how much this will mean to you 🎉

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