How Do Apprenticeships Work: The Baltic Approach

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At Baltic Apprenticeships, we do things a little differently. When it comes to our training, our unique approach blends established teaching techniques with cutting-edge technology.

An apprenticeship is a full time job with a specialised training programme built-in. Alongside day-to-day work responsibilities, people spend 20% of their apprenticeship completing “off the job” training. This includes technical training, workplace projects, progress reviews and independent study.

In this article, we’ll take you through the main features of a Baltic Apprenticeship, including our SMART Classroom system and heroic one-to-one support.

Apprenticeship Options: Online Learning or Classroom Learning

One of the big decisions you have to make when choosing an apprenticeship training provider is what method of off the job training will suit you.

There are two main types of off the job training: traditional classroom courses or interactive distance learning delivered online.

At Baltic Apprenticeships, we were the first apprenticeship training provider to deliver 100% of our training online. We’ve had some amazing results and feedback, and we haven’t looked back.

Some apprenticeship programmes deliver their training on a day-release system. This is where apprentices will be away from the office one day every week to attend college.

However, we find that our employers and apprentices prefer a block training approach. This is where apprentices are based full-time in their workplace, with dedicated training weeks spread out throughout the programme.

What is SMART Classroom?

The SMART Classroom is Baltic Apprenticeships’ online virtual classroom. The SMART Classroom is a technology enhanced, cloud-based learning environment that blends live teaching with digital features such as presentation rooms, live chat, polls, interactive whiteboards and breakout rooms.

To develop our online apprenticeship courses, we took everything we loved from face-to-face training and brought it online so that our learners can access their real-time technical training from anywhere.

Our expert trainers online virtual classroom create a dynamic interactive learning environment, optimised for all learning styles.

SMART stands for Social, Modern, Accessible, Real-Time Training.

  • Social: Our apprentices come together from all over the country, creating a unique network of apprentices from a wide range of backgrounds and locations. Baltic apprentices can learn from each other, building links, and sharing expertise.
  • Modern: Our technology transcends the boundaries of traditional education, and delivers world-class technical training that reaches young people where they feel most at home: online.
  • Accessible: Our apprentices are uninhibited by the travel costs and limitations of classroom teaching. No matter where they are, learners can log on. Our expert trainers use a variety of tools to deliver material that is both thorough and accessible.
  • Real-Time: SMART Classrooms are fully interactive, with apprentices communicating via microphone and text chat. Questions and contributions are encouraged throughout, allowing even the least confident learners to actively participate in a way that they feel comfortable.
  • Training: The technical knowledge that learners pick up during their training is highly relevant to their job roles, meaning they can put their new skills into practice when they go back to work. This quick turnaround of theory into practice is one of the major advantages of apprenticeship training.

What are online classes like?

In the SMART Classroom, sessions are led by an expert technical trainer, who will take the group through the course content in real-time, blending lectures with quizzes, breakout sessions, research tasks, and detailed group discussions.

Apprentices use a headset and microphone, as well as live text chat to take part, asking questions and sharing their understanding with the group.

“I loved the SMART Classroom,” said Sarah, a recent IT Support alumni. “I felt that I learned more and gained a better understanding of the modules through the 5 day training blocks. I preferred the online environment over face-to-face learning. I found it easier to collaborate and share ideas. I think people were more confident through this platform too – they were more likely to interact and get involved.

“As it’s a smaller group on the SMART Classroom, the trainer can engage with everyone on the session more easily. I really enjoyed this learning environment – it’s hands on, but you always have the support of the trainer if you need it!”

Discover the SMART Classroom and Baltic Apprenticeships

To find out more about how we deliver our training, check out our current courses and download a detailed programme guide.

If you have any questions about our approach, or how the SMART Classroom could work for you, please get in touch with our friendly team of specialists.