Webinar: Generative AI in Marketing

Join us and Sabrina Godden-Tuma, Global Creative Director at Vodafone, for an insightful session unpacking how generative AI has revolutionised modern marketing capabilities, and how you can build AI into existing marketing strategies.

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DATE: 25th April 2024

TIME: 10:00am

RUNNING TIME: 45 Minutes

PLATFORM: Microsoft Teams

Generative AI has rapidly evolved, with the potential to transform marketing efforts and capabilities – and this is only the beginning.

The webinar will begin with a clear definition of generative AI and delve into how generative AI has evolved since its introduction.

To provide a well-rounded picture, Sabrina will explore the technology behind its capabilities, touch upon generative AI techniques, and showcase examples across various industries.

In this section, we’ll discuss the importance of data-driven strategies and the impact experimenting with AI can have on your marketing team and campaigns.

Sabrina will cover generative AI’s potential to automate repetitive tasks which, as a result, frees up valuable time for marketers to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

Of course, no discussion about AI is complete without addressing ethical considerations. We’ll dive into potential biases in AI algorithms and the importance of fair and responsible AI use in marketing.

Gone are the days of lengthy content creation cycles. Sabrina will showcase how AI can generate various content formats in record time.

We’ll dive into the benefits of AI-powered content creation, including faster turnaround times and personalisation that resonates with target audiences, and cover popular AI systems – giving you a glimpse into the tools available.

We’ll discuss AI advancements and future industry predictions, and cover the potential impact of these on marketing strategies to help you prepare for the future of content creation.

In this section, we’ll delve into some real-life examples of the ways large organisations have utilised generative AI to create impactful marketing campaigns.

Sabrina will discuss how leading telecommunications company, Vodafone, uses generative AI to personalise customer experiences across various channels, before moving on to renowned food brand, Heinz, and environmental conservation group, WWF.

Here you will have exclusive access to discuss industry advancements with the Global Creative Director at Vodafone, and the brain behind some notable world-renowned creative partnerships, so this is a fantastic opportunity to get down to the nitty-gritty and ask any modern marketing questions you might have.

AI & Creative Strategist

Global Creative Director at Vodafone

Creative Consultant

Sabrina Website


Sabrina Godden is the Global Creative Director at Vodafone, steering the in-house creative vision and pioneering innovative campaign strategies. Her adept use of AI to craft immersive experiences is recognised globally, showcasing a unique blend of technology and creativity that resonates across cultures.

Her journey extends across a multitude of industries, from technology to telecommunications, luxury hospitality and beyond. In tech and telco, her foresight has driven innovation, connecting learnings from various sectors to spark new ideas and create narratives that resonate on a global scale.

A clear advocate for the potential of AI in the creative industry, Sabrina leads workshops designed to inspire professionals to embrace technology as a co-creative force. Her role as a keynote speaker further amplifies her message about the exciting possibilities AI presents, as she passionately speaks about pushing the boundaries of human creativity into new frontiers.

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Sabrina’s creative partnerships with leading brands have fortified her reputation as a versatile leader capable of drawing new viewpoints and insights.

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Sabrina is heavily involved with Vodafone’s equality initatives – the company fight to make the world more connected, inclusive and sustainable, and commit to creating a place where everyone can truly be themselves and belong.

Vodafone, Nokia, & Colt carried out a study, and nearly half of neurodivergent employees feel impacted by their conditions in the workplace with a quarter disclosing that they were impacted every day.

In the #ChangeTheFace initiative, Sabrina is proud to have played a creative role in advocating for diversity and inclusivity within the tech industry, underlining the importance of varied perspectives and backgrounds in technological advancement and innovation.


IWD 2024

For International Women’s Day 2024, Sabrina spearheaded a global campaign to highlight the prevalence of domestic abuse, with 1 in 3 women affected worldwide.

Vodafone’s partnership with field specialists was instrumental in tripling the download rate of the BrightSky app shortly after the campaign launch, a vital resource for survivors and their supporters.

Bright Sky is an easy-to-use app and website that provides practical support and information on how to respond to domestic abuse. It’s for anyone experiencing domestic abuse, or anyone worried about someone else.

“I am deeply passionate about the synergy between human creativity and AI. I believe that when we blend these forces, we unlock extraordinary potential to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.”