Level 4 Data Analyst Course Summary

Develop advanced data skills and power a better business.

Data is an exciting, fast-moving specialism, with demand for skilled professionals often outstripping supply of local talent. When data skills are unlocked within an organisation, the power of data is undeniable. Data analysis generates insight, optimises performance, and drives innovation across all sectors.

This Level 4 qualification offers a comprehensive professional development route.

Our specialist curriculum encapsulates everything a professional data analyst needs to succeed, including hands-on training in data modelling, predictive analytics, effective use of SQL, R and Python, and the legal frameworks for ethical data use.

This advanced programme follows national standards created by leading data employers. Our technical training is designed to align with the latest industry best practices and teaches the skills our employers tell us they need most from their data professionals.

With our bespoke combination of expert training and one-to-one support, we’ll transform anyone with a passion for data into a confident, effective data analyst for your organisation.

For more information on our technical training, course structure and available support, take a look at our complete programme outline.

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There are four core modules for this programme, providing technical training in the knowledge, skills and behaviours a professional data analyst needs:

Course 1: Data Analysis Concepts

This course focuses on the core principles of data analysis, including the data lifecycle, data architectures and ethical data handling.

Course 2: SQL for Data Analysis

This practical course teaches data warehousing, data structures and data modelling with SQL, the standard language for relational database systems.

Course 3: Data Analysis Using Python & R

This hands-on course teaches learners to effectively apply R and Python within relevant data projects. We’ll also cover data wrangling and CRISP-DM.

Course 4: Data Visualisation

This course explores tools and techniques for data visualisation, teaching methods of data communication for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.


After mastering the core modules, learners will shift their focus onto implementing data analysis tools and techniques. Through a mix of interactive competency workshops and workplace projects, apprentices will put their new skills into practice and create real-world business impact.

Workplace Projects

Apprentices will complete a range of four practical data analysis projects during their apprenticeship, which will form a robust and professional portfolio of evidence.

Competency Workshops

Our specialist Technical Skills Coaches will support and prepare learners for the Workplace Projects through four Competency Workshops. These training days enable learners to apply the knowledge from their technical training to their current working environment and projects.


The End Point Assessment is the final stage of the apprenticeship programme, and is conducted by an independent assessor. The EPA includes a data analysis project and presentation, along with a professional discussion based on the portfolio.

EPA Preparation Course: Implementing Data Analysis Tools & Techniques

This practice-based course is delivered towards the end of the programme to help learners effectively prepare for the project element of their EPA. This course offers a culmination of the technical training delivered throughout the apprenticeship, and provides learners with a scenario-based project to complete.

Support & Guidance

Throughout a Baltic Apprenticeship, our learners are supported by a dedicated Learning Mentor. Our Learning Mentors conduct regular one-to-one review sessions, providing targeted support to keep learner’s progress on track for success.


Roles, Duties & Responsibilities


To achieve this qualification, your apprentice would be expected to build relevant knowledge and experience within their job role, working closely with data. The Workplace Curriculum summaries the duties and responsibilities your apprentice should undertake in the workplace to meet the Apprenticeship Standard and succeed on the programme.

Download the Workplace Curriculum below to see how an apprentice Data Analyst may fit into your team.

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Skills Development

Develop the skills your organisation needs to unlock the potential of data. This Level 4 apprenticeship is an ideal training and development route to create an effective data professional with advanced knowledge and analysis skills.

For more information on the modules, training methods and support we offer, download the full programme guide below.

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