Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship

This Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship delivers advanced data skills to power a better business.

Our advanced curriculum encapsulates everything a Data Analyst needs to succeed, including hands-on training in data modelling, predictive analytics, effective use of SQL and Python, and the legal frameworks for ethical data processing.

Throughout the programme, learners are empowered to work independently, implement best practice and work strategically with data to generate accurate, actionable insights.

Our technical training is delivered remotely in our real-time SMART Classroom environment, and learners are supported throughout their journey by their dedicated Data Coach.

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Our technical training courses are centred around practical activities where apprentices can learn by doing as part of a small cohort. Each course is broken down into 2x 2-day training sessions. In each session, participants will build knowledge, develop skills, and uncover advanced data insights, led by an expert coach.

Course 1: Data Analysis Concepts

This course focuses on the core concepts and principles of data analysis. Participants will build on foundational knowledge through an advanced exploration of the data lifecycle, data architecture, and current data regulations.

Course 2: SQL for Data Analysis

SQL is the standard language for relational database systems and is a cornerstone of professional data analysis. This course has a practical focus and will teach participants to create data structures and apply data modelling techniques with SQL.

Course 3: Data Analysis Using Python

This course will develop knowledge and skills in the use of Python, one of the most widely used languages for data analysis. Learners will explore different types of analysis and how Python can be effectively deployed within data workflows.

Course 4: Data Visualisation

The ability to effectively communicate data insight, patterns and trends is just as important as any analysis task. The course explores tools and techniques for data visualisation and reporting, including Excel and PowerBI.


Our curriculum combines expert technical training courses with corresponding workplace projects. After completing the course material, apprentices continue to build their skills and apply what they’ve learned within the workplace, unveiling powerful data insights for your team.

A Level 4 Data Analyst Apprentice will complete the following projects:

  • Processes & Legislation in Data Analysis

  • Statistical Analysis & Data Visualisation

  • User Impact of Data Analysis

  • End-to-End Data Analysis Project


We understand every business, workplace and job role is different.

Our programmes go above and beyond the Apprenticeship Standard, offering
learners the opportunity to gain specialist certifications and become industry experts.

This means our programmes can be tailored and personalised to suit individual roles,
goals, and business needs.

Our programme includes optional further study in:

  • Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

  • Microsoft Azure Data Engineer

  • Python for Data Science 

  • Artificial Intelligence


Role Profile

Tasks & Responsibilities

Throughout the programme, apprentices will build up the knowledge and experience they’ll need to become an effective, insightful Data Analyst.

We work with our employers to find the right fit between a job role and apprenticeship training, creating an individual learning plan for apprentices enrolled on our programmes.

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Data Analyst:

Programme Guide for Employers

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This guide contains everything employers need to know about this apprenticeship programme, including typical tasks, duties and responsibilities, training schedule, professional development timeline, funding information and next steps.

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To find out more about recruiting an apprentice or developing an existing member of your team through this programme, please get in touch with our specialist apprenticeship advisors.