Level 3 Data Apprenticeship

Your route to recruit, train and retain fresh data talent.

Futureproof your data strategy with our Junior Data Analyst Apprenticeship. This Level 3 programme teaches people how to prepare, analyse and communicate data to drive evidence-based decisions.

Our expert approach and one-to-one support for learners provides the ideal toolkit for growing your own exceptional data professional.

At Baltic, our technical training is delivered remotely, in our real-time SMART Classroom environment.

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Our technical training courses are centred around practical activities where apprentices can learn by doing as part of a small cohort. Each course is broken down into 2x 2-day training sessions. In each session, participants will build knowledge, develop skills, and uncover data insights, led by an expert coach.

Course 1: Working with Data Sources

Within any organisation, data comes from many different sources, systems, and formats. This course explores the role of data within an organisation and teaches participants how to gather data from multiple sources for meaningful analysis.

Course 2: Gaining Insights Through Data Analysis

In this practical course, participants will develop skills across a range of data analysis techniques, including statistical methods, algorithms, and data modelling. We’ll also explore data quality issues, including validation techniques to identify errors and audit results.

Course 3: Decision Making Through Data Stories

The best data professionals are those who can communicate insights from complex data in an accessible way, helping others to take informed action. This course explores how to present and communicate results for different audiences and looks at methods to securely store and share data.


Our curriculum combines expert technical training courses with corresponding workplace projects. After completing the course material, apprentices continue to build their skills and apply what they’ve learned within the workplace, making a meaningful contribution to your team.

A Level 3 Junior Data Analyst Apprentice will complete the following projects:

  • Working with Specified Data Sources

  • Validate & Analyse Data from Specified Data Sources

  • Create & Disseminate Data Stories Following Data Analysis


We believe that personal and professional development are two sides of the same coin. That’s why we deliver a bespoke personal development curriculum alongside our technical training courses.

Through a mix of one-to-one support sessions, independent study, group discussions and quizzes, our learners are supported to become the best versions of themselves.

Our personal development programme covers the following themes:

  • Behaviour & Attitudes

  • Safeguarding

  • Citizenship & British Values

  • Character & Confidence

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Our learners are also supported to build additional skills to support their role through personally curated Stretch and Challenge resources. These include independent study courses in Microsoft Excel, Introduction to Python and Pandas, and Visualising Data.


Role Profile:

Apprenticeship Tasks & Responsibilities

Throughout the programme, apprentices will build up the knowledge and experience they’ll need to become a fully competent Junior Data Analyst.

We work with our employers to find the right fit between a job role and apprenticeship training, creating an individual learning plan for apprentices enrolled on our programmes.

Download the Role Profile below to see how an apprentice Junior Analyst may fit into your team.

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Junior Data Analyst:

Programme Guide for Employers

For more information on the courses, training methods and support we offer our Junior Data Analyst apprentices, download the complete programme guide for employers below.

This guide contains everything employers need to know about this apprenticeship programme, including typical tasks, duties and responsibilities, training schedule, professional development timeline, funding information and next steps.

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