The Transformative Impact of Apprenticeships: Being a Baltic Apprentice with The One Point

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Hear from the past & current apprentices at The One Point 👇🏻

Lewis, Oliver, Alex, Lucy, and Jacob have all completed, or are currently completing, an apprenticeship at The One Point, a national managed technology provider, offering IT Support, Business Mobiles, VoIP, Connectivity, Network Security, Managed Print and Digital Services.

They work across different departments in a range of roles, from Technical Operations, Support Staff, and Marketing. Apprenticeship programmes have enabled each of them to start their career, and progress both professionally and personally.


“Learning theories at a desk or in a classroom is brilliant, but I think you never fully understand how to apply something until you go out there and do it.”

Lewis Cook, Head of Technical Operations

It’s been quite a journey. I manage the day-to-day operations from a technical point of view. We’ve got some key people that started as apprentices – we’ve got team leaders, we’ve got senior engineers.

First of all, apprentices are the most enthusiastic people who come in fresh-minded, and we can sort of build them in the way that we think is best. I probably wouldn’t think that the progress that we’ve made with the department would be where we are now without the apprentices essentially.

That’s the same for me as well. I’ve been lucky to come into the apprenticeship and get to where I am.

Oliver Cook, IT Engineer

When I came into The One Point, I started with no previous IT knowledge. As an individual and as an engineer, I’ve come on leads and bounds, and I’m currently completing a Level 4 Network Engineer qualification.

I go all over the country, anywhere from Scotland, right down to the South End, doing all different types of jobs. Learning theories at a desk or in a classroom is brilliant, but I think you never fully understand how to apply something until you go out there and do it.

If you are interested in IT, then 100% do it. Especially in this day and age, in the modern world, everything you do is internet-based. In an ever-changing world, I think there’s no better time to get into the industry, to be honest.

Alex Reese, 2nd Line Support Technician

I did the Level 3 IT Support Technician apprenticeship. I came from a non-technical background or IT background. Before my apprenticeship, the last time I did it was actually in school, so it was learning everything from scratch.

I came from a University background, and I did a degree and a Master’s degree, so I was quite late into the apprenticeship route. I was 25 when I did the IT apprenticeship, and even though I enjoyed my time at university, I do wish I had gone down the apprenticeship route sooner.

If you take an apprenticeship route, you’ve got the foot guaranteed in a door at least somewhere, and there are always opportunities ready for you at the end of your apprenticeship. Plus, you earn while you learn, which is always a bonus.

One thing I found while doing the IT apprenticeship is the opportunities and the doors it opens for you, in all sorts of areas, are endless. There’s always going to be IT opportunities, forever.

Lucy Salt, Marketing Executive

I’m on the Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship. I’ve taken charge of the social media and I’m looking at email marketing and the company website. I started my apprenticeship in September with another company and I just didn’t really get on there. I had to leave, unfortunately.

I was off for a month and Baltic was amazing, they constantly contacted me and made sure I was OK. It’s been completely different at The One Point, it’s so strange how they’ve just been like, you can do it. If you’ve got an idea, just go with it and do it. It’s been really good.

Jacob Hogdson, Help Desk Team Leader

I started off as an apprentice, and when I started my apprenticeship I wouldn’t have thought that I’d end up being a team leader in such a short space of time. I went into it with an open mind, and I was quite wary of it, whether it’d be the right, sort of industry for me to go into.

Baltic reassured me and nothing was overwhelming when it came to actually undergoing the more challenging stuff towards the end of the apprenticeship, I always had the support.

I’d say quite often apprentices are overlooked because they’re inexperienced and they’re still learning. I think if you give them that support and that confidence, they can shine through and make it on their own.