Transforming a Passion for IT into Technical Skills: Being a Baltic Apprentice with Resolve

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Meet Oliver, Will, Yan, Elliot, & Charlie 👇🏻

Oliver, Will, Yan, Elliot, & Charlie all completed an IT apprenticeship with Baltic Apprenticeships at Resolve, a Sheffield-based Managed Service Provider.

Oliver – Completed a Level 3 & Level 4 IT Apprenticeship
“I genuinely couldn’t say a bad word about Baltic. Literally from the day I started my Level 3 apprenticeship as a 16-year-old to finishing my Level 4 apprenticeship as a 21-year-old. It’s been great.”
Will – Completed a Level 3 IT Apprenticeship
“In terms of my IT knowledge, when I first started it was very slim. My apprenticeship has upskilled me massively, it definitely benefited me, and I use skills I learned then now in my day-to-day role. If it wasn’t for my apprenticeship and the route I took, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
Yan – Completed a Level 3 IT Apprenticeship
“My apprenticeship has built my foundation for IT, found me a good employer, and gave me a good work life balance that you just don’t get in uni.”
Elliot – Completed a Level 3 IT Apprenticeship
“I started with absolutely no IT knowledge at all. It’s good to learn as you’re doing the work, apprenticeships give you that balance. You are working, you’re doing real tickets, then you’re doing theory, then you’re studying, you can merge it all together.”
Charlie – Completed a Level 3 IT Apprenticeship
“Apprenticeships are a very good way of getting the practical knowledge, and all the general knowledge as well. You get to work and you’re understanding what you’re learning a lot faster because you constantly doing it.”