Resources to Improve Your Chances When Applying For a Data Analyst Apprenticeship

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Considering becoming a Data Analyst but unsure if your skills meet Data Analyst job standards?

We have all be there… It can seem daunting when you come to first apply for a job role, and your industry knowledge may not be up to scratch – but don’t worry, this is where we’re here to help you.

There are various courses, resources and tools out there to help you prior to applying to one of our programmes. Here are some FREE short courses to help strengthen your data knowledge, preparing you for your exciting Data Analyst career.

Excel YouTube Pack

The Excel YouTube Pack is an all-encompassing resource designed to empower users with in-depth knowledge and expertise in leveraging technology effectively. Dive into a series of engaging and informative videos thoroughly crafted to elevate your Excel skills and maximise the potential of various tech tools, tricks and tips.


These short programmes from Treehouse are guided curriculums that cover all relevant Courses and Workshops necessary to master a subject. They will equip you with the skills you’ll need for data analysis – helping your CV stand out!


Kaggle has a range of free courses ranging from data visualisation to advanced SQL – and you’ll get a certificate every time you complete a course! Kaggle pare down complex topics to their key practical components, so you gain usable skills in a few hours (instead of weeks or months).

Excel Basics for Data Analysis

Dive into this course to gain invaluable hands-on experience with data sets and spreadsheets. Starting with an introduction to spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, you’ll learn the art of loading data from multiple formats, a fundamental skill for any aspiring Data Analyst.

Microsoft Excel Video Learning

In this comprehensive series of Microsoft Excel video tutorials, you’ll gain a deep understanding of this powerful spreadsheet software. Designed for beginners and those looking to reinforce their foundational knowledge, these videos will cover a wide array of topics, from essential Excel functions to advanced techniques.

Tableau Training

If you’re involved in deep data preparation and analysis or tasked with creating content, Tableau training is a must. Learn how to prepare, analyse, and share data seamlessly with accessible Tableau training.

What’s Next?

Ready to launch into your Data career? Check out our Data programmes designed to take your skills to the next level.

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