The Hardest Question For an Apprentice to Answer During an Interview?

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No matter what job you have applied for, an interview is a key stage of any recruitment process. Although the thought of an interview may seem daunting, preparing correctly can boost your confidence, calm your nerves and set you apart from other candidates. Although there are an infinite amount of questions you can prepare for, there are some questions that will creep up in most interview scenarios.

Although questions are an integral part of any interview, many employers like to test your ability to think of the spot by including a few difficult questions. With that being said, what is considered to be the hardest interview question to answer?

The hardest question to answer during an interview

One of the agreed hardest questions your interviewer can ask is:

“Do you have any questions for us?”

Although this may not sound like a tricky one to answer, it can be difficult to answer if you haven’t prepared for it.

Essential questions apprentices should ask potential employers during the interview:

We would recommend coming up with a couple of questions to ask the interviewer to show that you are interested in both the role you have applied for and the company.

Here are some questions that we recommend asking during your apprenticeship interview:

  1. What will my day-to-day duties include?
  2. How many other apprentices are there in the business? Will I be working with them?
  3. Can you tell me more about the team I’ll be joining?
  4. Do you have any former apprentices in your team who are now full-time members of staff? What is it that made you keep them on beyond their apprenticeship?
  5. What on-the-job training will I get during my apprenticeship?
  6. What opportunities will there be for me to gain experience in other teams or parts of the business?

Questions you should avoid asking

Even though there is leniency with the questions you can ask, there are some that you should try to avoid asking during your interview.

  1. What does the company do?

It’s important to learn about the company you could potentially be working for, but this is something you should know from your research, asking this may make you appear unprepared.

  1. Will I be working long hours?

Although knowing your working hours is extremely important, this question may show a lack of commitment.

  1. Do you have any other positions apart from this one?

This question may make the potential employer feel you are not interested in the role that you have applied for. As an apprentice, what you lack in experience should be made up for in enthusiasm and passion for the position you have applied for.

  1. How many holidays will I get?

This is an important question, but one that is probably better asking if the employer offers you the position!

The most important question

“What are the next steps? Whether or not I am successful with this application, what feedback will I receive from you and/or the training provider on my interview today?”

By asking this question, you are showing initiative and sharing your excitement about the role you are applying for. Asking for feedback will also show your potential employer that you are committed to continuous improvement and developing yourself – which is a skill most employers look for!

Next steps

Now that we’ve covered the questions you should be asking your interviewer, we hope you feel more confident about the interview process! If you’re ready to get the recruitment process underway, check out our current apprenticeship vacancies to browse opportunities in your area.