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Data is the place to be for anyone looking for an exciting career path. Demand for data skills is soaring in every sector, with the power to reveal insight and boost performance – it’s no wonder data specialists are some of the highest paid people in business.

With our expert training and personal support, you’ll learn how to prepare, analyse and communicate data to make a real impact in the workplace.

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Learn by doing with our technical training. You’ll put theory into practice with hands-on activities and expert demonstrations in six 2-day SMART Classroom sessions. Unlike traditional education, our apprenticeship training doesn’t simply teach for the test. Our exam-free programme and project-led approach gives you the skills employers are looking for.

Course 1: Unlocking the Power of Data

Every organisation is surrounded by data, but only a few capitalise on their data capabilities. In this hands-on course, we explore the value of data and teach learners how use the data tools at their disposal to source and gather information – ready for future analysis.

Course 2: Making Data-Driven Decisions

Business decisions should be based on fact and insight, rather than intuition and assumption. In this 2-day course, we teach learners how to identify trends and patterns in data that would otherwise be hidden – improving efficiency and encouraging strategic decision-making.

Course 3: Maintaining Data Quality & Integrity 

The importance of data quality cannot be underestimated as minor errors can lead to major inaccuracies. During this practical course, apprentices will learn how to effectively validate, cleanse and resolve data quality issues to provide accurate business intelligence.  

Course 4: Algorithms, Automation & Statistical Analysis 

Statistical analysis turns complex data into meaningful insights. In this 2-day course, apprentices will learn to efficiently analyse company data using advanced Microsoft Excel techniques. With a focus on data validity, we’ll also cover automation in data analysis. 

Course 5: Maximising Data Security 

Data is one of the most valuable assets to any organisation, and as with anything of value – it must be protected. In this hands-on course, apprentices will learn how to collect, store, use and destroy data ethically, following business policies, processes, and legalisation.

Course 6: Telling Data Stories using PowerBi  

Communication is a core skill for any successful data analyst. When data is presented effectively, it can inspire change and transform business strategies. Over 2 days, we teach apprentices how to present data findings using Microsoft PowerBi and Excel. However, this course goes beyond hard skills, learners will also develop valuable soft skills such as analytical thinking and public speaking.


Our apprenticeship curriculum combines expert technical training with corresponding workplace projects. After each course, you’ll get the chance to apply what you’ve learned to your day-to-day work and carry on building your skills while making a real difference in your team.

On this programme, you’ll complete the following projects:

  • Working with Specified Data Sources

  • Validate & Analyse Data from Specified Data Sources

  • Create & Disseminate Data Stories Following Data Analysis


We understand every business, workplace and job role is different.

Our programmes go above and beyond the Apprenticeship Standard, offering
learners the opportunity to gain specialist certifications and become industry experts.

This means our programmes can be tailored and personalised to suit individual roles,
goals, and business needs.

Tailored training options include:

  • MOS Excel Associate

  • Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

  • Python Core

  • Learn SQL

Role Overview: Junior Data Analyst Apprentice

Today, businesses are collecting data all the time – from sensors, social media and software systems. Data can power innovation, optimise performance, and uncover important insights – but many businesses don’t have the people or skills they need to make the most of it.

A Junior Data Analyst can add value in any area of business where data is generated or processed. People in this job role source, format, and present data to help leaders make evidence-based decisions. Day to day responsibilities for a Junior Data Analyst include blending data from multiple sources, data cleansing and preparation, and simple statistical analysis of data to support business outcomes.

Typically, a Junior Data Analyst will work as part of a larger team, preparing datasets for (and learning from) more senior Analysts. They could also be based within a specific department, reporting findings to senior managers and key decision makers.

A data apprenticeship is a great way to learn the ropes of data analysis and start your career in an exciting and fast-moving industry.

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Virtual Training:

SMART Classroom

Our apprentices come together from all over the country and work together in the SMART Classroom learning environment.

Our SMART Classrooms are technology enhanced, cloud-based classrooms that deliver engaging interactive training, live from your expert Data Coach.

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Career Progression:

Data Analyst

If you’re looking to grow your skills further after completing your Level 3 apprenticeship, we offer a Level 4 Data Analyst programme.

Taught at a more advanced level, this course helps you deepen your understanding and develop more strategic data projects. This apprenticeship is designed for those who have experience in a data role and offers the perfect training programme to take the next step in your career.

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