How can Baltic Support You During Your Apprenticeship?

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An apprenticeship is an amazing way to learn on the job. As an apprentice, you’ll build your independence and map out your future career with the support of your employer and the team at Baltic Apprenticeships.

As an apprenticeship training provider, we’re always on hand to support you throughout your apprenticeship journey, from your initial application all the way through to your final assessment – and beyond!

We will provide you with the training and support required for you to gain a qualification in your chosen apprenticeship programme. Whether you’re launching your career in IT, Software Development, Data or Digital Marketing, our team are here to guide you every step of the way.

Support to start an apprenticeship

When applying for your chosen apprenticeship, one of our friendly Recruitment Consultants will be in contact for a quick chat after your initial application. During your call they’ll guide you through the recruitment process before we take your application forward and recommend you to our employers.

The purpose of having a Recruitment Consultant is to enable you to land your dream job as soon as possible! They’ll give you the assistance needed to guide you through the interview and work trial stages. They’ll also ensure that you are ready to start an apprenticeship with us and enter the world of work!

Support throughout your technical training

At Baltic, we were the first training provider to deliver 100% of our training online in our SMART Classroom. Your SMART Classroom courses will all be delivered by our expert Technical Trainers.

Your Technical Trainer will take you through a number of topics relating to your programme. Your trainer will combine course content and lectures with quizzes, breakout sessions, research tasks, and detailed group discussions. These sessions are engaging, and your trainer will make sure everyone gets involved!

Support from your Programme Coach

Every apprentice has their own Programme Coach. Your Coach is there to help you get the most out of your apprenticeship and keep you on track throughout the programme.

You’ll have contact with your Coach around every 6 weeks while you’re studying for your apprenticeship. They will go through your workplace projects, time logs and chat through how to apply your new skills to your job.

They’ll also check in with you regularly to see how you’re doing and can help you out with your overall wellbeing.

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Support with English & Maths

If you need any help with your English and Maths skills during your apprenticeship programme, you’ll get one-to-one support from our Functional Skills Tutor. They’ll answer any questions you may have about your functional skills training and help you pass the exams to gain your Level 2 qualification in the subject.

Support with your Training Schedule

As part of your apprenticeship, you will complete scheduled training courses and exams. Your Apprenticeship Co-ordinator creates your personal training timetable and will give you flexibility if a date does not work for you. They will also resolve any general questions or concerns you may have around your training while you are on the programme.

Extra Support

At Baltic Apprenticeships, we have Safeguarding Officers who are available to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your safety or welfare. They will work with you and any relevant parties to resolve any issues at hand.

You can find contact details for our Safeguarding Team in your Apprenticeship Handbook.

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