How does apprenticeship training work?

Written on: 25 June 2019

Written by: Freya King



Apprenticeship training offers a useful blend of practical and theoretical knowledge that will give you the skills you need to become confident in your chosen field. You will be in a real job, in a real workplace, so it’s a completely different learning experience to what you are used to from school. For those who are ready to hit the ground running, it’s a fantastic way to gain skills and experience.

On the job training

As you take on your new challenge within the workplace, you will learn a range of practical skills from your mentor, who is there to show you the ropes. It’s normal to feel nervous about starting your first job, but the beauty of an apprenticeship is that you will be supported and encouraged as you find your feet.

Over the course of your apprenticeship, your confidence will grow. Your mentor will start to give you more responsibilities, giving you the chance to try out new things and gain a well-rounded knowledge of your role. If you learn by doing, you will love this aspect of apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeship training

In addition to the skills you pick up in the workplace, you will also learn from your apprenticeship training provider. 20% of your time will be spent doing off the job training, which can then be applied in your day to day role. Transferring your skills from theory into practice is what will take your learning to the next level.

Instead of having to go into college, Baltic apprenticeship training is delivered in our online learning environment, SMART Classroom. Our unique training delivery method blends lectures, hands-on practice, and instructor interaction. This can be accessed from either the workplace or at home.

Assessment plans

Assessment plans are an essential part of Baltic apprenticeships. The assignments are like coursework in the form of written projects. They will be completed throughout the apprenticeship and are used to evidence work activities in addition to the apprenticeship training.

If you’re ready to start learning, search and apply for our apprenticeship vacancies here.


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