Now that you’ve decided you want to begin or advance your career in the tech industry with an apprenticeship, or your an employer looking for more information on what’s next – this page is here to offer support and guidance!

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The first step in your journey as a Baltic Apprentice will be a call with our pre-apprenticeship team 🎉

During this time, we’ll get to know you a little better by completing a skill scan. This handy document will help us understand your current knowledge level so we can measure your progress throughout your apprenticeship journey!

Before this call goes ahead, you’ll need to make sure you have a working headset, webcam & one of the following forms of ID:

  • Passport
  • Provisional or Full UK Driving License
  • Birth Certificate
  • UK Proof of Age Card

Next up is your Onboarding Session, our team will contact your employer to schedule this for a time that suits you. Once a date has been agreed, our Onboarding team will be in touch to confirm the details of the session with you and help you get prepared.

Prior to the session, you must have:

  • Started your employment
  • Returned your training plan and eligibility form, these will be sent via SignNow
  • Completed your Maths and English initial assessments and diagnostics

Top Tip: to keep track of what you need to complete before your onboarding session, download our handy enrolment checklist.

You’ll also need to download Adobe Connect. This is the platform where all of your training will be delivered, so it’s important you have access to this! It’s free to install and can be downloaded on both Windows and Mac. Please note, you can’t use a mobile phone to attend the session.


Once installed, check out our headcam and user guide video further down the page to make sure you’re set up correctly and ready to go!

Also, you’ll need to have access to either Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Before your onboarding session, test the link to make sure you can access the classroom and make sure your sound and microphone are working correctly. When you enter the classroom, you’ll need to select the ‘guest’ tab. You won’t need any login details; you’ll just be asked to enter your name.

48 hours before the onboarding session is due to go ahead, our Onboarding Team will check in and answer any questions you may have!

The onboarding session is an important part of your apprenticeship, this is your official apprenticeship start date and the beginning of your journey with Baltic!

This will be conducted by your Coach, they will be responsible for actively managing your apprenticeship journey, making sure that you can develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and behaviours you need to achieve your qualification.

During the onboarding session, you will:

  • Learn what to expect over the course of your apprenticeship
  • Get to know people on your apprenticeship cohort
  • Submit your first Time Log entry

You’ll also be required to set up a ‘my apprenticeship’ account through the .gov website, this will allow you to:

  • Confirm your apprenticeship details are correct
  • Access useful resources and additional support
  • Understand what will be expected of you throughout your apprenticeship

You’ll receive a separate email with details on how to do this.

Around 14 days after your onboarding session, you’ll receive your full training schedule from your Coach and your kickstart call will be arranged.

If your course requires you to sit exams, the date for these will also be included and you will receive more information regarding this in due course.

And that’s it, you’re ready to start your apprenticeship journey with Baltic!

If you need any help prior to your induction, please call 01325 731 056 or email on-boarding@balticapprenticeships.com.



We know technology can be tricky to navigate, that’s why we’ve created a handy video guide to help you get set up for your apprenticeship onboarding session!

Here, we cover how to connect your headset, microphone and webcam so that your Coach and fellow apprentices can see and hear you loud and clear.

Once you’re set up and tested, it’s time to get ready for your onboarding session 🚀

baltic community


We know that apprentices don’t always get the opportunity to network with other apprentices. We wanted to change that! Who better to talk to about your apprenticeship programme than others on the same journey?

By joining our Baltic Community, you unlock exclusive events, networking opportunities, and useful resources, which have been created and curated specifically for our Baltic apprentices.

So don’t waste any time, sign up today and start meeting fellow apprentices!

Join our Baltic Community
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At Baltic, we’re committed to developing you not only as a professional, but also as a person. Our Support Centre presents a range of useful resources that will help you develop your knowledge on important topics such as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Safeguarding and Health & Wellbeing.

You can also use our Support Centre to contact our Safeguarding Team – anonymously or otherwise. Our Safeguarding Team are dedicated to keep each of our learners safe and protect them from physical abuse, emotional abuse, domestic abuse, cyberbullying, radicalisation, among other safeguarding concerns, and support our learners with their physical and mental health.

Visit our Support Centre



Our recruitment team will collaborate with you to understand your business and find your ideal candidate.


Our pre-apprenticeship team will conduct a skill scan which will help us understand your new apprentice’s current knowledge level.


Our Onboarding team will discuss the required enrolment paperwork and will help you set up your Digital Services Account.


You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will offer dedicated support to you throughout the programme.


Our Coaches are experienced and trusted advisers who support, educate, advise and guide learners with their digital careers.


Once the successful candidate has accepted the job offer and confirmed a start date, our Onboarding team will get in touch to discuss:

  • A suitable date for induction onto the apprenticeship
  • The enrolment paperwork and what needs to be signed
  • Your Digital Apprenticeship Service Account

The Digital Apprenticeship Service is the portal where you can claim funding to pay for apprenticeship training and claim any government hiring grants. It is a mandatory requirement for a company to have a Digital Apprenticeship Service account and this must be set up prior to your apprentice’s onboarding session. For help with creating your account, check out our handy video located on this page.

The onboarding session is conducted by your apprentice’s Coach, the purpose of this session is to provide learners with an overview of the apprenticeship, to set the expectations of what they will achieve and explain how we will support them in achieving their qualification. The session will take around 3 ½ hours, and will take place after the learner has started employment via our SMART classroom ran through Adobe Connect. Only the apprentice is required to attend the onboarding session, they will be joined by up to 12 other apprentices starting their apprenticeships, this will be their cohort throughout the duration of the programme.

Within two weeks of the onboarding session, your apprentice’s Coach will arrange an introduction call with you to:

  • Discuss the structure of the apprenticeship
  • Outline what is expected from an employer
  • Book in the first review session to discuss progress

Around 14 days after your apprentice’s onboarding session, they’ll receive their full training schedule from their Coach and a kickstart call will be arranged.

If they are required to sit exams, the date for these will also be included and they’ll receive more information regarding this in due course.

As a final note from us, there’s now an option to leave feedback for your training provider through your apprenticeship service account. Your insights are important to help us improve the quality of our service – so we’d love to hear what you think!

And that’s it, the onboarding process is complete and the apprenticeship is underway!

If you need any help prior to the induction, please call 01325 731056 or email yourfuture@balticapprenticeships.com.



The Digital Apprenticeship Service is an online governement platform that supports employers across England to manage their apprenticeships.

Creating a Digital Apprenticeship Service Account is a mandatory requirement before your apprentice can enrol on their programme, so we’ve created a handy video to get you up and running on the portal.

If you need further assistance, our handy onboarding team are always here to help!



Every apprentice should be issued with a contract of employment which covers the whole duration of the programme – up to 15 months for level 3 apprenticeships and up to 21 months for level 4.

If you’re unsure what needs to be included in a contract, we’ve put together a useful guide!

Download Our Template
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Debbie and Laura make up our dedicated Safeguarding and Support Team. They both play a vital role in maintaining a safe and secure environment for our learners; they are trained to identify potential safeguarding risks and implement necessary measures to keep our apprentices safe from harm.

The team are available to contact for any concern during working hours via email at safeguarding@balticapprenticeships, via landline (01325 638142) for calls, and via mobile (07714765475) for calls, texts, and WhatsApp messages.



Managing an apprentice effectively is key to helping them grow and develop into a permanent member of your team.

From goal setting to mentoring, his guide helps you navigate the apprenticeship journey and get the most out of your apprentice.

Download Our Free Guide


Like we said earlier, our Onboarding Team will be in touch 48 hours before your session to answer any questions. However, if you need some help or have any questions, we’re here to help!

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