Level 3 Support Technician Course Summary

Create your next generation of outstanding IT Technicians.

In this Level 3 apprenticeship, we teach people how to optimise systems, configure devices and provide an effective IT support service centred around customer care.

This programme is based on the Level 3 Information Communications Technician Apprenticeship Standard and is tailored towards IT Support Technician roles. We also have a programme designed for junior Network Technicians.

Our unique curriculum goes beyond the Apprenticeship Standard, providing access to additional training in Linux, Networking and IT Security.

We empower our apprentices to unlock their potential, develop confidence alongside skill – and ultimately, keep your IT systems and end-users productive.

Learners will get hands-on experience in all areas of technical support, from configuring devices to supporting with software; setting up systems and optimising performance.

With our combination of specialist training and heroic one-to-one support, a Baltic IT apprentice will bring knowledge, skills, and energy to an organisation and quickly become a future star of your IT team.

For more information on our technical training, course structure and available support, download our detailed programme outline.

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The core technical training modules give our apprentices a strong understanding of IT concepts. Our hands-on approach embeds the key skills needed to thrive in a Support Technician role.

Course 1: Cisco IT Essentials (Parts 1 & 2)

This course develops critical thinking skills to resolve IT problems. We cover the essential activities for junior IT Support Technicians, including installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Course 2: Microsoft Mobility & Devices Fundamentals

This hands-on course builds experience with Windows devices and Windows-based networking, including device configurations, data access and management, device security, cloud services and enterprise mobility.

Course 3: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Cloud services are now an essential element of IT. This course provides a practical foundation in cloud services and Microsoft’s Azure platform. Our hands-on labs include networking, storage, application support and application development.

Course 4: Microsoft Server Fundamentals

This course teaches fundamental knowledge of Windows Server Administration, including Active Directory, account management, server installation, storage and performance management.


After completing the core modules, learners will take their skills beyond the Apprenticeship Standard and expand their knowledge through our curated specialist training courses:

Cisco Academy: Linux Unhatched

This self-paced course offers an exciting introduction to Linux. This course covers the basics of Linux installation and configuration with hands-on learning labs using virtual machines.

Cisco Academy: Linux Essentials

Building on the basics of Linux Unhatched, this course takes Linux training to the next level. The course focuses on command line activities to develop a working understanding of this versatile open-source system.

Cisco Academy: Network Essentials

This self-paced course gives learners the opportunity to build practical networking skills, practice verification and troubleshooting, and explore network security threats and mitigation.


In the second half of the programme, our training focus shifts into the implementation of knowledge, skills, and behaviours. Through a mix of competency workshops and workplace projects, apprentices will put their fresh skills into practice and create measurable business impact.

Workplace Projects

Apprentices will complete three workplace projects, structured around IT troubleshooting and problem-solving activities, which will form a robust and professional portfolio of evidence. This portfolio forms the basis of discussion during the End Point Assessment.

Competency Workshops

Our specialist Technical Skills Coaches will support and prepare learners for the workplace projects through three competency workshops. These training days enable learners to apply their knowledge to their working environment and current projects.

EPA Preparation: Implementing IT Methodologies

This course brings together the knowledge, skills, and behaviours embedded throughout the apprenticeship programme and helps learners prepare for their End Point Assessment.


Roles, Duties & Responsibilities


To achieve this qualification, your apprentice would be expected to build relevant experience and knowledge within their job role, working closely with IT systems. The Workplace Curriculum summarises the duties and responsibilities your apprentice should take on in the workplace to meet the Apprenticeship Standard and succeed on the programme.

Download the Workplace Curriculum below to see how an apprentice Support Technician may fit into your team.

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Further Information

Programme Outline

With our combination of specialist training and heroic one-to-one support, a Baltic IT apprentice will bring expertise and energy to your organisation, quickly becoming a future star of your IT team.

For more information on the training methods and support we offer, download the full programme guide below.

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