Creative Careers: Creative Apprenticeship Programmes

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Are you a creative individual and want to carry this into the working world but don’t know where to start? We have collated the top creative apprenticeships where you can start your career in your chosen industry.

Creativity comes in a vast variety of forms, from art and design, editing and music, to photography and writing. The possibilities are endless!


Check out the following creative apprenticeships and find out which one might be right for you!

1. Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship

For anyone interested in creative writing, a career in publishing is often the go-to Dream Job. An apprenticeship can be a great way to get your foot in the door in what is a fiercely competitive industry. 

Publishing Assistants will usually be involved with aspects of publishing which include editorial, marketing, sales, publicity, production, rights or digital. As a publishing assistant, your day-to-day role will usually include editing, proofreading and briefing stakeholders. A Publishing Assistant Apprenticeship can be an umbrella term for the following job titles: Marketing Assistant, Publicity Assistant, Production Assistant, Rights Assistant, and Contracts Assistant are all listed under this programme on the Institute for Apprenticeships site.

2. Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Digital Marketers play an increasingly vital role within organisations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors of industry. The primary purpose of a Digital Marketing role is to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention through a variety of online channels.

In your day-to-day role, you’ll unleash your creativity – writing blogs and advertising copy, producing videos, designing imagery and perfecting your social media skills.

Digital Marketing roles are available in a huge variety of businesses across the country. It’s up to you what type of business you want to work in with this apprenticeship.

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3. Photographic Assistant Apprenticeship 

A photographic assistant apprenticeship is all about learning the ropes from a professional photographer. You’ll learn to set up shoots, edit imagery, and make the most of professional camera equipment.

With this apprenticeship, you can enhance your photographic knowledge and skills by learning methods used in the workplace to generate digital imagery and videos.

Throughout your apprenticeship, you will learn the ins and out of photography and videography, whilst gaining strong skills in digital imaging software.

4. Fashion studio assistant Apprenticeship

If you love all things fashion and design, then this is the apprenticeship for you. Throughout this apprenticeship, you will be supporting designers to create new materials, styles, colours and patterns for fashion brands and labels.

You will gain knowledge of Britain’s multi-billion pound fashion industry, whilst experiencing the day-to-day life of a designer.

5. Broadcast production assistant Apprenticeship

Broadcast production assistants can also be known as Broadcast Assistants, TV/Radio Production Assistants, Production Secretary, Runner, and Production Management Assistants. This apprenticeship will enable you to support and assist in the smooth delivery of content on TV or radio productions.

There is a wide genre of productions you could potentially get involved with and this is determined by the company you work for. You may be involved in the production of drama, comedy, documentary programmes etc. To be successful in this role you will need to be adaptable and learn quickly on the job.

6. Software developer apprenticeship

Software development is one of the most creative fields in the tech industry! Skills such as creativity, imagination and problem solving are the difference between a good and a great software developer.

Software developers are the creative minds behind the innovative computer programs, apps, and websites we use today. Every business and organisation relies on software to function, so there is more demand than ever for talented developers.

As a career, Software Development is fast-moving, creative and extremely rewarding. So, if you’re a keen problem solver who enjoys creating solutions, an apprenticeship in Software Development could be perfect for you.

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If a creative apprenticeship sounds like the right option for you to start your career, check out our latest vacancies or browse our apprenticeship programmes to learn more.