Build The Future, Be The Future: How to Launch Your Tech Career

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National Apprenticeship Week is a brilliant time to start thinking about your future career path and explore what tech apprenticeships have to offer.

In 2022, the theme is “Build the Future” which has some great links to the digital and tech sector, but how can apprenticeships help to build your future?

Let’s find out!

Which Tech Career Path is Right for You?

Choosing what you might want to do for a living isn’t always an easy decision – especially when there are so many choices out there!

In tech, the choice can be even more difficult. There are many job roles that are only just starting to take off, such as data analysts, gaming concept artists, and even careers in the UK space sector. If you don’t know what’s possible, how can you turn your dreams into reality?

In this blog, we’ll go through four very different jobs in the digital and tech sector. Whether you’re looking for a job where you build ideas, build insight, build solutions, or even build worlds – there’s a career in tech for you!

Build Ideas: Digital Marketing

Ideas are amazing. As a digital marketer, you’d be working with ideas. In this career path, you would work to create content, understand human behaviour, and realise a vision for your brand. If you get a kick from tapping into what makes people tick, digital marketing could be the ideal career for you.

A typical day as a digital marketer is as varied as the range of companies who employ them! Whether you love writing, design, photography, filming, crunching data, building websites, social media, gathering research, working with influencers, or coming up with ideas, there’s never a dull moment in marketing.

If you love keeping friends and family up to date on social media, or if you’re a keen blogger, artist, or filmmaker, you’ve already got valuable skills that can be applied to a digital marketing role.

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Build Insight: Data

For someone looking for an exciting career that can make a difference, data is the place to be. Data is used to help identify patterns businesses and spot opportunities to improve and innovate. In a typical day, a Data Analyst tracks down data sources, applies data modelling techniques and algorithms to pull out interesting elements from this data, and then communicates what the data is saying to other people.

Data analysts can work in lots of different industries, at lots of different levels, and with lots of different data sets. From working out the most efficient ways to allocate hospital beds, to fine tuning the performance of a football team, and identifying an optimal sales strategy, there’s a lot you can do in a career with data.

In your day-to-day life, you might already be making data driven decisions without knowing it. If you’ve ever compared your workout stats on your smart watch, tracked your food, mood or habits in an app, or identified which kind of photos perform best on your Instagram, you’ve been working with data.

As a side note, data specialists are some of the highest paid people in business – with the top talent attracting six figure salaries (and sometimes more) from companies all over the world. If you’re looking for a career without limits, you’ll find one with data.

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Build Solutions: IT

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” If you find yourself saying this to someone you know more times than you can count, congratulations – you’re in IT Support!

IT technicians are the absolute backbone of any organisation. IT support work in the background of every business to solve problems, create solutions and keep the whole show running. Day to day, someone in IT support might answer helpdesk queries, build a PC, install a network, or configure new software. In short, a big part of this job is keeping people connected.

From working in an IT Support role, you can go on to specialise in lots of in-demand fields: Networking, Security, Cloud Services and more. IT is constantly evolving, making it an interesting and rewarding sector to be part of.

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Build Worlds: Software Development

Software developers can create astonishing immersive experiences, conjuring games and other software products as if by magic (or, you know, a set of logical rules that you can learn to apply).

Our world is software. Almost everything we rely on – from mobile phones to cars and hospitals – runs on a combination of different software tools. As a software developer, you could help build these tools and create bespoke solutions to lots of different problems.

Software developers can specialise in web development, databases, games, security, apps, and more. On a typical day, a Junior Software Developer could be testing and implementing their code, fixing bugs, or mapping out wireframes for a better user experience.

The demand for software developers is growing every day. Luckily, lots of people are waking up to this exciting industry and are beginning to experiment with coding. For some, this will turn into a lifelong passion and extremely lucrative career path.

Build Your Future with a Software Apprenticeship

Build Your Future with an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a great way to get started in the tech industry. Forget what you think you know about apprenticeships. Apprenticeship Standards are designed by employers to create their ideal future workforce, setting out the skills they need for tomorrow.

You’ll be working on real business projects from day one: sharing your insights, making decisions, and making a real difference to your team.

Apprenticeships also make a lot of sense financially. With a Baltic Apprenticeship you’ll get up to £15,000 worth of top-notch technical training and support, all fully funded – and with a real wage on top. Student debt? Not with an apprenticeship.

Afterwards, you’ll have the qualification, skills and experience to move on up the ladder, and take on the future – whether that’s a promotion, further study, setting up a business, or finding a new opportunity. With an apprenticeship under your belt, you’ll have the confidence to smash your future goals and take your career in any direction.

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