Course Summary

Our Level 3 Data Technician apprenticeship offers a comprehensive entry-level route to a career in data analysis. Our training establishes the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of a junior data professional, including: data gathering, validation & analysis, data presentation and communicating insights from data.


Programme Duration

15-18 Months

Training Method

Smart Classroom


Data is everywhere, and more and more businesses are waking up to its potential – which means that it’s an amazing time to join the industry!

For someone looking for an exciting career, data is the place to be. Data specialists are some of the highest paid people in business right now, and there is huge demand across all sectors for data scientists, data analysts and data technicians.

  • Over 94% of Baltic Apprentices stay with their employer after completing their programme
  • Our overall achievement rate is 2% above the National Average
  • 100% of Baltic’s Data Analyst Apprentices successful achieved their qualification in 2019-20
  • Our Newcastle office is based in The Catalyst, a specialist data space that is also home to the National Innovation Centre for Data.

The first competency workshop is delivered as part of your induction. It will focus on CPD, how and why it’s important to keep up to date in the relevant industry and sector, while also looking at Personal Development through team integration and working on own initiative.

This module is delivered through an in-depth competency workshop, and will be reviewed regularly with a Baltic Learning Mentor throughout the programme.


Within an organisation, there are many different sources of data – from software systems to social media, customer feedback to sales analytics, cloud-based to local storage.

This module explores the role of data in the digital domain, the value of data to an organisation, and the importance of analysis management.

In your training, you’ll gain an understanding of different data formats, architectures and sources, learning how to gather data from multiple sources and prepare it for useful analysis.

This module is delivered through two week-long training courses, and two competency workshops.


Insight from data is only as reliable as the data-sets used and the techniques involved in processing it. This module will cover common data quality issues and data validation methods.

You will also learn to apply algorithms and basic statistical methods to identify data trends and audit results.

This module is delivered through two week-long training courses, and two competency workshops.


The best data professionals are those who can communicate results in an accessible way, helping others gain insight and take action.

This module focuses on methods, techniques and forms commonly used to present data and communicate results for different audiences. This training block also covers the legal and ethical frameworks for data storage, distribution and transfer.

This module is delivered through a week long training course, two competency workshops and an EPA prep day.

Training Methods
This programme is delivered through a mix of technical training, competency workshops and End Point Assessment preparation.

The final part of the apprenticeship is the End Point Assessment (EPA). This consists of an evidence portfolio, professional discussion with an external assessor, and the completion of a project under controlled conditions.

Smart Classroom

Our apprentices come together from all over the country and work together in the smart learning environment, interacting, communicating and engaging with the best technical trainers in IT, Software and Digital Marketing. Our SMART Classrooms are technology enhanced cloud-based classrooms that deliver training by integrating learning technology. 

Is an apprenticeship right for you?

At Baltic, we understand that traditional education doesn’t suit everyone. If you’re passionate about tech and you want to experience the world of work, an apprenticeship with Baltic will suit you.

What we look for:

  • Creativity and enthusiasm
  • A positive attitude and commitment to learning new skills
  • Career focused and self-motivated individuals
  • Self-taught hobbyists who enjoy building their own understanding of topics
  • Practical learners who prefer a hands-on approach to learning 

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