Marketing Lessons we Learnt from Emily in Paris

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If you haven’t heard of Emily in Paris…firstly, where have you been and secondly, get ready for our favourite marketing lessons we’ve learnt from this binge-worthy Netflix show!  


The show follows the life of Emily Cooper, a young marketing executive from Chicago who relocated to Paris to work at a French marketing firm called Savoir.

Not only can you watch Emily as she navigates her new life in Paris, but you can also learn some great marketing skills while watching! That’s why we have created our guide on the best marketing tips from Emily in Paris which you can implement straight away into your marketing strategy. 



In the series, Emily made sure to build a strong social media presence and connection with her audience. Like Emily said, “To build a brand, you must create meaningful social media engagements”. Social media marketing for businesses is a powerful tool to build social networks and achieve your marketing and branding goals. Having a strong social presence attracts customers, gains customer feedback, and builds customer loyalty. Another benefit of social media networks is that they are available to everyone!  


Utilising social media ads allow you to reach a wider audience than those who are already following you. You can create target audiences based on their demographics, interests, behaviours and so much more! Another thing to take note of, Emily ensures to use relevant hashtags that will help her brand awareness.


Put simply, you can build your brand awareness and generate leads that convert with the right social media strategy!



It took years for Emily to build up her audience and make connections with people who would help her spread the word about her personal brand—and it wasn’t always easy!


One thing Emily didn’t do was give up on her vision because some campaigns didn’t work right away… instead she kept at it until they did.


Sometimes the best ideas in marketing don’t come to you immediately. It’s important to be creative and challenge norms when it comes to producing exciting content that appeals to your audience.




Throughout the show, Emily makes a point to include her audience’s opinions when creating her marketing polls. Customer opinions are a valuable resource for enhancing your marketing campaigns and putting your audience first will help to develop a strong customer-first brand.


You should always listen to your customers and your audience, but this is especially true in the digital world. Social media allows you to engage directly with people who have an opinion about your brand, and your analytics will tell you what they do and don’t resonate with.


Rule number one is marketing is listen to what you customers want. The more you know about your audience, the easier it is to meet their needs!


Emily in Paris is a great example of how authenticity can be your best marketing tool! She shares her life with her fans and she’s transparent about it all. She doesn’t try to be anything other than who she is, and because of that, the world loves her!

Whether you’re building a company or personal brand, consistent content is essential. You can have the most creative content in the world, but if it’s not consistent across your entire customer journey (and across all channels), you’re going to lose out on sales and conversions. Social media is an ever-changing space and it’s important to stay on top of trends in order to keep your audience engaged and interested in your content.


Content strategy is not limited to just content creation, it can also include how you distribute your content, how often you create new pieces of content and what types of media work best for each situation. This includes knowing when to post on social media or send an email newsletter as well as choosing which platforms/channels to use for your campaign (or campaign series). 


One thing you’ll notice about the show, Emily is not scared to get out of her office and meet people. When a company is launching a new product, she takes a leading role in organising launch events and meeting with her clients in person to get to know them and understand their brief – she loves a networking opportunity!


These networking events opened up many doors for Emily throughout the series, so never underestimate their power!


Networking gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people in your space, discuss market trends and gain different perspectives from other people in your industry. Plus, people buy from people, so putting a face to your brand can help you gain new insights.


Paris isn’t the only place with launch parties and networking events, try doing some research about some local to you!


In a nutshell, Emily in Paris is a great example of how to market your brand on social media. If you’re looking for inspiration or have some questions about social media marketing, we encourage you to check out the show on Netflix.

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