Staying calm during your EPA

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Nerves and stress during your EPA process is normal and many people will experience this. These feelings will differ on person to person, but some people may say that stress related to exams can have an impact on their emotions, physical feelings and their thoughts.

The below information can help if you are finding it difficult to deal with the feelings that the EPA process might raise.

My Possible Self:

The My Possible Self app is NHS approved and has a wealth of resources around manging everyday emotions, as well as feelings related to exams such as nerves and anxiousness. This includes:

How to ease the mind in anxious situations
Breathing techniques and mindfulness

Get the My Possible Self app.

Practical Advice:

Make time to look after yourself; taking care of your physical health and finding time for things you enjoy.
Try grounding yourself before an exam with breathing techniques or a short walk.
Talk and connect with others about how you feel.
After your EPA reward yourself and try and focus on your next steps.

Safeguarding team:

If you feel like you do need additional support at any point during your apprenticeship, including Gateway and EPA, please reach out to the Safeguarding team for support and advice.

Email –

Phone – 01325 638142

WhatsApp/Text – 07714 765475

Further Resources:

Looking after your Mental Health: Support & Resources for Apprentices –