What Is a Professional Development Apprenticeship?

The complete training plan to develop employees at all levels of your organisation.

Apprenticeships are a highly effective, accessible and affordable training option for existing employees as well as new hires. From junior roles to senior leaders, apprenticeships can offer a complete professional development route at all levels of business.

An apprenticeship is an intensive, in-depth training programme lasting between 12-21 months. Participants enrolled on a professional development apprenticeship split their time between their day-to-day work and off-the-job learning, committing around 6 hours per week to their technical training, portfolio projects, and independent study.

Develop Your Team with Apprenticeships

At Baltic, we specialise in digital and tech apprenticeships. 

Whether you're looking to develop a Software specialist, upskill a Network Engineer, grow your own Data Analyst, or supercharge your Digital Marketing team, we've got a programme for your people. 

Benefits of Apprenticeships for Existing Staff

Created for Individual Jobs

Real Business Impact

Address Skill Shortage

Funding Available

Increase Productivity

Upskill & Promote Your People

Build a Loyal Team

Funded Professional Development

Apprenticeships are one of the most effective forms of professional development on the market.

With 95% funding for small businesses, and a pre-paid apprenticeship levy fund for larger operations, there's never been a better time to develop your team.

Apprenticeship Funding

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Discover Apprenticeships

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