Level 4 Network Engineer Apprenticeship

Our Level 4 Network Engineer programme teaches people to implement, maintain and optimise secure networks.

We build understanding in advanced networking principles and develop essential skills in network installation, maintenance and security on all network types.

This apprenticeship programme offers a comprehensive training plan, designed to deliver the latest industry knowledge alongside practical skills for proactive network management.

Throughout the programme, learners are empowered to work independently, implement best practice and ensure your systems can run at peak performance.

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Our technical training courses are centred around virtual lab activities where apprentices learn by doing as part of a small cohort. In each two-day course, participants will build knowledge, develop skills and troubleshoot network issues, led by an expert coach.

Course 1: Networking Concepts

This course focuses on the principles of network configuration and management. Learners will build on their foundation of knowledge and develop the skills to implement and maintain effective networks.

Course 2: Advanced Networking

This course builds on the fundamentals and introduces advanced networking concepts. Through hands-on labs, apprentices will learn by doing, applying key concepts to identify, troubleshoot and resolve network issues.

Course 3: Network Maintenance

This course focuses on network maintenance and optimisation. Learners will explore approaches to keep networks running at peak performance and deploy techniques to optimise live networks.

Course 4: Network Security

This course teaches the fundamentals of network security. Participants will explore vulnerabilities across a range of network architecture and learn practical methods to keep networks safe from common threats.

Course 5: Network Installation

This course expands on key concepts through hands-on network installation activities. Learners will apply their knowledge to prepare, install and test new nodes across different network types.

Course 6: Cloud Computing & Virtual Networks (Part 1)

In this course, participants will explore cloud technologies and platforms, and develop their understanding of virtualisation concepts and tools. 

Course 7: Cloud Computing & Virtual Networks (Part 2)

Building on the concepts from the previous session, apprentices will build their own private cloud in Hyper-V. In this course, learners will develop the skills they need to administer, maintain, and update cloud networks.

Course 8: EPA Preparation - Implementing Networks

This course brings together network principles, architecture, and security to recap knowledge and build confidence ahead of the practical element of learners’ End Point Assessment.



Our curriculum combines expert technical training courses with corresponding workplace projects. After completing the course material, apprentices continue to build their skills and apply what they’ve learned within the workplace, making a meaningful contribution to your team.

A Level 4 Network Engineer Apprentice will complete the following projects:

  • Network Troubleshooting

  • Network Maintenance

  • Securing Networks

  • Network Installations & Upgrades

  • Cloud & Virtualisation


We understand every business, workplace and job role is different.

Our programmes go above and beyond the Apprenticeship Standard, offering
learners the opportunity to gain specialist certifications and become industry experts.

This means our programmes can be tailored and personalised to suit individual roles,
goals, and business needs.

Our programme includes optional further study in:

  • Microsoft Windows Server Hybrid Administrator

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner

  • Google Cloud Computing Foundations


Role Profile:

Tasks & Responsibilities

Throughout the programme, apprentices will build up the knowledge and skills they'll need to excel as a professional Network Engineer.

We work with our employers to find the right fit between a job role and apprenticeship training, creating an individual learning plan for each of our apprentices enrolled on our programmes.

Download the Role Profile below to see how an apprentice Network Engineer may fit into your team.

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Network Engineer:

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