The Power of Data in School Trusts

Data empowers School Trusts to generate better educational outcomes and more efficienct resource management; allowing for informed decisions, enhanced accountability, and continuous improvement.

Data Programme Guide

This programme guide outlines everything you need to know about our Data apprenticeship programmes, including:

  • Why Baltic?
  • Data Apprenticeships in School Trusts
  • Employer Partnerships
  • Level 3 Data Essentials
  • Level 3 Junior Data Analyst
  • Level 3 Data Analyst
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Case Study: David Ross Education Trust
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Transform teaching & learning with data insights.

As with most modern businesses, data analysis has revolutionised education as it provides deeper insights into both student learning and institutional efficiency.

School Trusts have access to an abundance of educational and business data; from attendance rates, student development metrics, and assessment results, to budget reports, funding sources, and staff retention rates.

Analysing this data empowers School Trusts to identify strengths and areas for improvement, leading to strategic planning and improving educational outcomes, financial stability, and operational efficiency.



Finance is entirely data-driven, and being able to work with, and report on, relevant education and business data is a requirement of the role.


School Trusts collect a huge amount of estates data, from asset registers, site surveys, and inspections – this data can be used to map the model of your estate and flag issues.

HR & People

HR departments are entirely dependent on data. HR teams regularly access recruitment, training, and absence management data.


IT teams handle large amounts of student, staff, and administrative data, alongside educational, operational, and compliance data.


Governance data in School Trusts supports the oversight, management, and strategic decision-making processes, including policies & procedures and academic performance.

Marketing & Comms

Regardless of whether your Trust has a Marketing team, you will collect and store social media, website, and admissions data.


🎯 STEP 1

Having strong data management systems (DMS) is crucial for organising, storing, and analysing educational data effciently.

These systems enhance decision-making by providing accurate and accessible data, and support the identification of trends.

🎯 STEP 2

Creating a data-driven culture in school trusts is essential for fostering continuous improvement.

By prioritising data in everyday operations, schools can more effectively track student progress, identify areas for intervention, and allocate resources.

🎯 STEP 3

Investing in data skills for new starters and existing staff is vital for maximising the potential of education data.

When staff are equipped with data skills, they are empowered to make informed decisions, personalise student learning experiences, and improve operational efficiency.

🎯 STEP 4

Utilising advanced analytics and reporting tools allows School Trusts to transform raw data into actionable insights.

These tools enable real-time tracking of student performance, uncover patterns and trends, and provide detail reports that inform strategic decisions.

🎯 STEP 5

Monitoring & evaluating data iniatives ensures they continue to be effective, and promotes continuous improvement within School Trusts.

Regularly assessing data initiatives helps to measure their impact on student outcomes and operational efficiency.


Data skills are vital for all employees, across a variety of roles within your Trust, and Data apprenticeships are the best way to build these skills inhouse.

We offer a range of Data training to suit the individual roles and goals within your Trust; from data literacy to advanced analysis.

Level 3 Data Essentials

The ability to read, work with, analyse, and communicate with data is now an essential skill for every role within your Trust; from Senior Management to Head Teachers. Having a team that is data literate is no longer an advantage – it’s a necessity.

Our Data Essentials programme teaches the skills needed to successfully collect and analyse educational data, leading to important insights. We empower people to become effective, data-driven decision-makers and help increase their overall efficiency.

This programme is perfect for any employee within your Trust looking to enhance their data skillset and embrace digital transformation. Through a combination of live training, industry-led masterclasses, and personalised learning resources, we teach people to understand the data at their disposal.

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Baltic Apprenticeships

Level 3 Microsoft Junior Data Analyst

Junior Data Analysts can support your Data team by handling routine data processing tasks, such as cleaning and formatting datasets, freeing up time for Senior Analysts to focus on larger projects.

Our Junior Data Analyst programme ensures employees gain a comprehensive understanding of data management, analysis, visualisation, and storytelling. We are proud to partner with Microsoft to teach the skills and techniques required to master data analysis with Excel and to gain an MOS Excel certification.

This programme is a great development route for anyone with little experience in data analysis who wants to pursue a full-time career in data. Through a combination of live training, industry-led masterclasses, and personalised learning resources, we teach people to turn raw data into impactful, visual insights.

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Baltic Apprenticeships

Level 4 CompTIA Data Analyst

Data Analysts are a valuable asset for your Trust, as they can collaborate with senior management and stakeholders to identify project goals, conduct independent research and analysis, and present findings.

Our CompTIA Data Analyst programme teaches people to convert both educational and business data into powerful insights and stories. Employees will learn to extract meaning from the data at their disposal, informing strategic business decisions.

This programme acts as a powerful progression route for people working with data, looking to take on more responsibility or step into a management role. Through a combination of live training, industry-led masterclasses, and personalised learning resources, we teach people to gather insights and offer strategic recommendations.

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Baltic Apprenticeships

Why Choose Data Apprenticeships?

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Address Trust-Wide Skills Gaps

The significance of data literacy and data skills is set to continue to grow in 2024, and despite 84% of leaders identifying data competency as the most critical skill – these skills are rarely taught in traditional education.

Data apprenticeships allow you to confront the skills gaps throughout your Trust and equip staff with essential data skills relevant to their role. Our apprenticeship programmes teach effective data collection, analysis, and interpretation techniques relevant to their role, pushing for improved decision-making and operational efficiency.

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Utilise Apprenticeship Levy

City & Guilds reported that only 4% of employers are spending their full Apprenticeship Levy funds. Enrolling existing employees on development courses is a cost-effective way to utilise existing Levy funds before they expire!

Development programmes provide opportunities for upskilling and reskilling with a structured learning path, allowing employees to acquire new knowledge and skills that align with evolving industry demands.

Team of Students Working Together

Hands-On Experience

Data apprenticeships offer practical, real-world learning opportunities that mean learners will directly contribute to your Trust’s objectives from the get-go.

Employees gain immediate, applicable skills by working on actual data projects, allowing them to understand the specific data needs and challenges of your Trust. Instead of working on hypothetical scenarios, learners tackle data tasks relevant to your Trust.

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Scalability & Flexibility

Data apprenticeships benefit the scalability and flexibility of your Trust by creating a sustainable talent pipeline and enhancing the adaptability of your existing workforce.

Apprenticeships allow you to scale your data capabilities gradually and cost-effectively by training new apprentices and upskilling existing employees – this approach ensures that as your organisation grows, there is a steady supply of skilled data professionals who are already familiar with your specific needs and operations.

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The power of data in trusts STILL 1

The Power of Data in School Trusts [Webinar Recording]

Don’t worry if you missed our recent ‘The Power of Data in School Trusts’ webinar – we’ve saved the recording so you can watch in your own time.

The agenda covered data usage, the data landscape for School Trusts, the value of data apprenticeships for Trusts, and finally, a testimonial from Central Region School Trust’s current Data Analyst apprentice, Ezra.