George Fox - Software Developer Apprentice

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What made you choose the apprenticeship route?

After dropping out of University, I thought doing an apprenticeship would be a good route to get into software development, which has always been my dream career. The hands on nature of an apprenticeship really suits me. I really enjoy learning on the job and putting into practice what I learn.

Please explain your role within the business and your day to day tasks/responsibilities…

I am a developer for the UK localisation team so I am responsible for creating, modifying, testing and debugging the existing code base to make it appropriate for the UK market. This currently involves a lot of work in COBOL.

How have your skills improved during the course of the apprenticeship?

I have learned a lot about programming while being here as well as learning more about the software life cycle. This is because I have been involved in all stages of development. I am also better at working within a team because most of the work we do is in teams.

How have your responsibilities changed since you started your apprenticeship?

I have been given more and more responsibilities the longer I have been here. I am now responsible for debugging and making changes to code without relying on others. I am also expected to contribute within team meetings and provide my own input.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to other people interested in a career in Software Development?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it as I have learned so much already and I feel like learning on the job means you can apply what you learn very easily. It has also prepared me well for work after the apprenticeship as I have experience of how the company operates. You also get paid while learning which is nice as I am able to support myself.