Which Tech Career is Right for You?

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Choosing what you might want to do for a living isn’t always an easy decision – especially when there are so many choices out there!

When it comes to careers in the tech industry there are so many different yet equally interesting sectors to dive into, in this blog we’ll go through four routeways you can explore when it comes to finding the right tech career for you!


If you love keeping your friends and family up to date with what you’ve been up to on social media, or you’re someone who enjoys creative writing, you already have a number of skills which can be applied to a Digital Marketing role.

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting products/services online, using website, social media, email etc. In this day and age this marketing strategy is more effective than traditional marketing because as a whole, society has evolved and we live in a digital world. Going into this career could be a smart option as some studies have shown that by 2025 ‘Digital Marketer’ will be one of the most needed jobs.

Some of the main aspects of a Digital Marketing role might include:

  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Dealing with customer enquiries
  • Tracking Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Email Marketing

At Baltic, we offer a Level 3 Digital Marketer course which is the perfect way to kickstart your career in this sector. The programme will give you the skills required to define, design, build and implement a range of marketing campaigns across a variety of online and offline platforms.

Learn more about how to start a career in Digital Marketing.


In your day-to-day life, you might already be making data driven decisions without knowing it. If you’ve ever compared your workout stats on your smart watch, tracked your food, mood or habits in an app, or identified which kind of photos perform best on your Instagram, you’ve been working with data.

Data analysis is used to help identify businesses patterns and spot opportunities to improve and innovate. In a typical day, a Data Analyst:

  • Retrieves high-quality data
  • Validates and analyses information
  • Applies data modelling techniques
  • Identifies insights that are vital for making improvements
  • Communicates what the data is saying to other people

As a side note, data specialists are some of the highest paid people in business – with the top talent attracting six figure salaries (and sometimes more!) from companies all over the world. If you’re looking for a career without limits, you’ll find one within data analysis.

Start your Data Career with an Apprenticeship, our Data programmes will give you the knowledge, skills and experience to join a rapidly growing industry and unlock the power of data!

3. IT

IT technicians are the absolute backbone of any organisation. IT support work in the background of every business to solve problems, create solutions and keep the whole show running. By working in IT you will need to have the ability to work well with others, the knowledge of computer operating systems, to be thorough and pay attention to the details. In short, a big part of this job is keeping people connected.

Day-to-day tasks in an IT role could include:

  • Answering helpdesk queries
  • Building PCs & fixing hardware
  • Installing network components
  • Configuring software

From working in an IT Support role, you can go on to specialise in lots of in-demand fields: Networking, Security, Cloud Services and more. IT is constantly evolving, making it an interesting and rewarding sector to be part of.

Learn more about the different roles by looking over our IT Apprenticeship programmes.


The modern world runs on software. Almost everything we rely on – from mobile phones to cars and kitchen appliances– all run on a combination of different software tools. As a software developer, you could help build and maintain these tools, helping to create bespoke solutions to lots of different problems.

Daily tasks in a Software Development role might consist of:

  • Testing and implementing their code
  • Fixing bugs
  • Research and brainstorm practical solutions
  • Mapping out wireframes for a better user experience

The demand for software developers is growing every day. Luckily, lots of people are waking up to this exciting industry and are beginning to experiment with coding. For some, this will turn into a lifelong passion and extremely lucrative career path.

So, if you’re a keen problem solver who enjoys gaming and coding, an apprenticeship in Software Development could be perfect for you.


Find out more about kickstarting your tech career today by checking out our training programmes, or search through our vacancies and apply for an apprenticeship opportunity near you.

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