What is it like to be a Social Media Assistant?

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Becoming a Social Media Assistant is a great career path. We live in a digital world where online platforms are constantly evolving alongside consumer behaviour, so no two days are the same and the role allows you to get creative. One way to get your foot into this exciting industry is by completing an Apprenticeship, particularly in Digital Marketing or Content Creation.

This blog is for everyone interested in starting a career in Social Media. We want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what working in Social Media really means and what your day could consist of, to ensure the role is right for you.

Ultimately a Social Media Assistant will assist the marketing team with brainstorming content ideas, creating images, copywriting, scheduling posts, analysing metrics, recommending improvements to increase performance, responding to online enquiries and generally overseeing the company’s social platforms.

9AM to 12PM

As this role is heavily office-based, most Social Media Assistants will work some variation of the classic 9am-5pm. You might spend the first part of your day catching up on internal and external emails. Your team will likely have a meeting on a Monday morning to ensure everyone is clear on their tasks and responsibilities for the week.

During the morning you may also take some time to organise your workload by using an application like Trello, which is a visual tool that allows you to manage your projects and track tasks by adding checklists.

As a Social Media Assistant, you will work with a social calendar or social content plan. So the next part of your day could be planning and designing your upcoming social media posts in advance. Marketing departments do this to ensure each post is ready to post smoothly on the day. This differs from company to company as some Social Media Assistant roles will allow you to take full creative freedom on the content you post, but some will be more controlled by your Marketing Manager.

12:30PM to 3PM

After you have re-energised from your lunch break, a Social Media Assistant would spend some of their afternoons physically creating content for social platforms. This could include recording trending TikTok’s, designing captivating imagery on Canva or Adobe Photoshop, or writing engaging blogs.

To schedule out content, Social Media Assistants can use a tool like HubSpot. HubSpot gives you the option to post social content immediately, at a custom time, or on a default publishing schedule. In addition, you can create a custom publishing schedule to easily schedule your social posts based on when you anticipate getting the most engagement. Timing is everything so make sure you know your target audience and the times they are most active on each social media platform.

3PM to 5PM

Following your well-deserved coffee break, you might spend the rest of your working day responding to any emails you have received throughout the day and replying to customers on your social channels.

If you are doing a Digital Marketing or Content Creator Apprenticeship, you should make sure you dedicate some time during your day to complete your Apprenticeship tasks. During this time, you could work on projects your coach has set you or provide evidence of your workplace tasks in your time log.


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