What are the Benefits of Hiring an IT Apprentice?

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IT is a fundamental part of many businesses. IT departments monitor and manage almost everything that is to do with information technology and communication systems. Having an effective IT department enables your business to operate smoothly and efficiently. As technology continues to develop and advance, businesses’ demand for talented employees increases.

The Benefits of Investing in IT Expertise

Infrastructure Technicians are quite simply the backbone of any successful organisation. IT apprentices can take the pressure off a stretched IT team, providing support to colleagues and customers. An apprentice can learn to use different tools to solve problems and troubleshoot non-routine issues to help ensure that your IT systems are working at peak performance.

Why Train an IT Apprentice?

There are endless benefits of hiring an IT apprentice for your team. Below, we’ll outline the top five benefits as to why you should consider recruiting an IT apprentice.

1. Get Tailored IT Skills for Your Organisation

Apprenticeships are a great way to tailor an employee’s skillsets to carefully meet the demands of your business. Our apprentices gain valuable and useful skills during their apprenticeship to ensure that the candidates meet the requirement need to fill an IT role. Developing an apprentice in-house means that your apprentice can build knowledge around the specific skills and requirements of your business and is an ideal way to address any skills gaps.

2. Improve Employee Retention

A significant benefit of hiring an apprentice is that they become loyal to your business. 95% of Baltic apprentices who pass their End Point Assessment are still employed after completing their apprenticeship. As apprentices grow and develop their skills over several years, you gain their loyalty.

With an apprenticeship, your business has the ability to mould and tailor a candidate into someone who fits into the culture of your business perfectly and has the exact skills you need. Apprenticeships are also a clear indicator to current employees that you care about training, development, and career progression.

3. Invest in Your Long Term IT Strategy

Hiring an IT apprentice is an investment in your company’s long term IT strategy. Investing in IT talent will enable your business to respond to changing customer and business needs with up-to-date technology.

You have the ability to future proof your business by investing in customised training so that your apprentice develops the right skills and understanding for your business. Getting the right skills and IT team in place could enable you to gain a competitive advantage against other firms in the market. Our IT apprenticeships are designed around the skills and technologies our employers need most right now, keeping your IT team ahead of the curve.

4. Reduce Workload for Your IT Team

Hiring an apprentice may relieve pressure on your other staff. Your apprentice will learn the skills to be able to help other members in your team. A study by the National Apprentice Service showed that 78% of businesses that employ apprentices found that their productivity had increased as a result of it.

Apprenticeships have changed significantly over the past years, but one thing has remained the same: the benefits that they can bring to a team. Hiring an apprentice means you are not only helping someone take their first steps into their chosen profession, but you are also helping to improve the productivity of your current workforce. No matter the size of your company, there is a necessity for qualified IT support staff to mitigate and resolve technology issues.

5. Boost Your Company Image

The National Apprentice Service also discovered that 25% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from a business that employs apprentices. Employing an apprentice will enable you to build a socially responsible business and also improve your company image. This is because you will be providing opportunities to your local community, reducing unemployment, and supporting regional growth.

Start Growing Your Own IT Talent with Apprenticeships

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