What are my Next Steps after being Offered an Apprenticeship?

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Wondering what happens after you’ve been offered an apprenticeship? Firstly, congrats! All your hard work and preparation has paid off and you’ve secured an apprenticeship role within a company. Now is the time to be proud of yourself, share the good news and relax before your first day in your new job!

What Happens Next?

Once you have accepted your apprenticeship position and completed an optional victory dance, your Recruitment Consultant will email you to confirm your place.

Around this time, you should also receive a start date and any extra information you’ll need about the apprenticeship and your new place of work. This might include enrolment paperwork, initial assessments, ID checks and your apprenticeship induction date. Your new employer might also be in touch to welcome you and provide information about your first day.

How to Prepare For Your Apprenticeship

There are many ways you can prepare for your first day to make things less stressful for yourself. We recommend a few quick tasks, so you are fully prepared before you start:

1. Plan Your Journey

You may have visited your new place of work when you attended your interview, but making a one-off journey is very different from commuting every day. Think about how you are getting there, will you be taking public transport? Is there any walking involved? Could weather affect this? The last thing you need is to be late for your first day, so a top tip is to do a test run to make sure you can get there in good time.

2. Organise Your Paperwork

Your new employer may require you to provide certain details on your first day, this could be your national insurance number, GCSE certificates, or ID documents. If this is the case, make sure you have these to hand and pack them in your bag ahead of time. Your new employer may also send you some induction paperwork to complete prior to your start date, so make sure this is all completed and ready to hand over when you arrive.

3. Plan Your Outfit

You should also think about what you will wear for your first day. Your interview may have given you some idea of the dress code, but don’t be afraid to ask your new manager or Recruitment Consultant to confirm this for you. Our advice is to dress smartly for your first day, this way you can see how others interpret the dress code without feeling out of place or underdressed.

4. Do Some Extra Research

You’ll have already researched the company before your interview but familiarising yourself with your new organisation before you start can help you hit the ground running. Having another look at the company’s website and social media will give you a good base of knowledge and will make you feel more confident walking in on your first day.

5. Get to Know Your Apprenticeship Programme

Before you start, you might receive a more detailed breakdown of your apprenticeship programme from your training provider. This could contain in-depth information about   what you’ll learn in the technical training side of things and introduce you to the people who are there to help with any concerns.

Here at Baltic, you’ll always have people there to support you throughout your programme.  Once you’ve settled into your workplace, you’ll get an Onboarding Session to officially kickstart your training. This offers a complete overview of your apprenticeship, and is a great opportunity for our team to answer any questions you have!

6. Relax!

Now that you’re all prepared for your first day, give yourself some time to relax! We all know the interview process can be stressful, so take some time yourself and celebrate your achievement.

The idea of starting a brand new job and training programme might be nerve wracking at first, but remember this is the first step in your successful career so just be yourself and make the most of the opportunity!

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