Top Skills Employers Look for in an Apprenticeship Interview

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Ever wondered what the top skills are that employers look for when hiring an apprentice? When it comes to succeeding in an apprenticeship, of course technical skills for the industry you are going into are very beneficial however a company wouldn’t hire an apprentice solely based on their specialised knowledge.

Most employers will look for the impactful soft skills in a candidate, this is because technical skills can always be taught along the way but mindset is built in. Some skills can’t be taught. Skills such as communication, teamwork, self-confidence, curiosity, empathy, and creativity. We see so many young people with these soft skills that have the potential to go far in tech and digital roles.

Realistically, we shouldn’t be expecting young professionals to already have extensive technical skills before they go into an apprenticeship – as that’s what we’re here for! In the interview stage the interviewer will mainly want to know if you align with their company values as this is an extremely important factor when it comes to hiring an apprentice.

So what type of soft skills would you need to show off to succeed in your interview? Below we have broken down a few attributes employers would seek when it comes to adding an apprentice to their team!

Enthusiasm –
Some people say the real secret of success is enthusiasm! Having this trait will not only allow others to view you in a positive light but will make you more productive as you are finding joy in what you are doing. Being enthusiastic shows you care and can motivate others which is beneficial to any workplace.

Creativity –
Being creative isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, this is why employers will look for this skill in candidates. Creativity opens the mind and broadens perspectives, which can bring fresh ideas to a team. Within a lot of tech roles creativity is an important attribute as many tasks will include actually creating something, meaning this skill can set you apart from other candidates in an interview.

Determination –
One of the main reasons people fail to achieve what they want in life is due to the fact they give up, or start something and never finish it. Being determined changes that, it helps you actually achieve your goals. Showing an employer you have determination lets them know you won’t give up on tasks and will get the job done.

Teamwork –
Revealing that you work well as part of a team no matter how big or small is a trait interviewers will be looking for, as being collaborative within a team leads to better outcomes and effective problem-solving. Teamwork also is essential as it creates an enjoyable work environment and employers know that if their staff are happy, they work will get done!

Communication –
Being able to communicate effectively is a skill which will often set people apart from their competition when applying for apprenticeships, this is because potential candidates who demonstrate they can communicate with co-workers, managers and customers will always be valuable assets to any business.

Problem-Solving –
This is an essential skill in any job role and will help you stand out. Showcasing that you don’t waste time dwelling on a problem but instead take action to find a solution is valued highly in the workplace, therefore a big part of the recruitment process is figuring out a potential candidates ability to solve problems.

Self-Confidence –
Having self-confidence is very important when applying for an apprenticeship role and for life in general. This skill helps you to make decisions without second guessing yourself, know you can tackle any challenge, helps you to be direct and clear when communicating, earns you respect and motivates you. Employers will want to know you are confident not only in your work but in yourself as it shows you are ready to tackle the job!


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