Top 5 Maths-Based Apprenticeships

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Have you enjoyed studying maths and want to carry on exploring numbers as you get started in the working world? Studying maths gives you so many career options, it can sometimes be tricky to narrow things down! To help you explore your career potential, we’ve collated a list of the best maths-based apprenticeships to further and implement your mathematical skills.

Is There An Apprenticeship For Maths?

Although there isn’t a specific apprenticeship programme in mathematics, there are many apprenticeships where maths skills can play an important role every day.

Studying maths will have helped you build transferrable skills which you can implement within an apprenticeship. Many apprenticeship programmes also ask for a maths GCSE or equivalent qualification.

Top Apprenticeship Programmes for Maths & Numeracy Skills:

Data Analysis Apprenticeships

Data is the apprenticeship for you if you love everything to do with numbers. Within any organisation, data can come from many different sources including software systems, marketing platforms, customer feedback, sales analytics, and financial records. A data apprenticeship will equip you with a solid understanding of statistical methods, algorithms, data trends, and auditing results.

The long-term career prospects for a data apprentice are exciting. Fully-fledged data analysts are some of the highest paid people in business right now, and innovations in data science, data visualisation and machine learning are quickly expanding the future of this emerging sector.  

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Software Development Apprenticeships

Fundamentally, software engineering involves solving problems by writing code and designing software systems. As an apprentice Software Development Technician, you’ll work as a vital part of the wider software team-building simple components, implementing code, and testing software.

Maths skills are at the very heart of creating software, and an understanding of calculations, statistics, and algebra can all be valuable to the role.

There are amazing opportunities within the software industry, including games development, VR, creating websites, apps, and AI.

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Finance & Accounting Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship in finance or accounting is often the most widely recognised way to put your numeracy skills to good use. There is a range of different apprenticeship programmes you can follow within this sector, including accountancy, mortgage advice, payroll administration or debt management.

If you aspire to be a partner in an accountancy firm or a bank manager, an apprenticeship in this sector could help you achieve that goal. Roles and career opportunities in this sector range from accountants to finance directors.

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Digital Marketing Apprenticeships

If you’d like to blend mathematical analysis with creativity, digital marketing could be an ideal career path for you. Gathering statistics, analysing competitors, and measuring the success of your activities is a fundamental part of becoming a solid digital marketer.

The primary purpose of a Digital Marketing role is to drive customer acquisition, engagement, and retention through a variety of online channels. Digital Marketers play an increasingly vital role within organisations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors of industry.

The digital marketing landscape is always changing, providing lots of exciting and highly lucrative career opportunities.

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Engineering Apprenticeships

Engineering is another great career path involving the practical application of mathematical principles. There are a variety of different engineering apprenticeships available, including electrical engineering, railway engineering, and even space engineering!

According to the careers advisors at Prospects, engineering apprentices “take on an operator role, involving anything from installing telecommunications systems, assembling car engines, fitting and testing machinery, to demolishing buildings or checking commercial or RAF aircraft.”

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Next Steps:

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