Take Action, Make Impact: National Inclusion Week 2023

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This year, National Inclusion Week takes place Monday 25th September to 1st October 2023.

In 2022, we celebrated National Inclusion Weeks’ Time to Act: The Power of Now theme, which aimed to inspire organisations to be more proactive with their equality, diversity, and inclusion strategies.

Inclusive Employers said: “You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to start somewhere, and keep going.”

What is the theme of National Inclusion Week 2023?

The overall theme of National Inclusion Week 2023 is Take Action, Make Impact.

This year’s theme is a continuation of last year’s efforts – Inclusive Employers wanted to continue the momentum from last year, and consider the impact our actions have.

Take Action, Make Impact is all about initiating thoughtful actions that push for change within your organisation. This theme intends to inspire individuals to transition from contemplation to action.

Each day of National Inclusion Week has been allocated its own theme.

Monday: Take Action, Engage your Employees

Monday is about engaging your employees. It’s no secret that inclusion and engagement go hand in hand. When employees sense that they are genuinely included and appreciated for their true selves, it tends to result in heightened levels of engagement.

Tuesday: Take Action, Equip your Employees

Tuesday is about equipping your staff. Introducing relevant policies and procedures ensures staff know what is expected of them in creating an inclusive environment, and training helps encourage understanding and provides development opportunities.

This is essential for inclusion to become an accepted and natural everyday part of your organisation.

👀LOOK OUT FOR: Our ‘Empowering Apprentices with New Inclusive Policy’ case study which details the introduction of our formal Preferred Name policy.

Baltic Apprenticeships has always recognised the importance of preferred names and pronouns but did not have a formal policy for our apprentices to reflect this.

When this was brought to our attention, our Safeguarding Team worked meticulously to implement the changes necessary to create a more inclusive learning environment for our apprentices.

Wednesday: Take Action, Empower your Employees

Wednesday is about creating an environment where your staff feel empowered to voice their opinions, discuss their professional and personal worries and problems, engage in constructive dialogue, and provide feedback.

This can only exist when employees are confident that their contributions are not only acknowledged but also genuinely valued, and when they feel secure and heard.

👀 LOOK OUT FOR: Our insightful video case study with Digital Skills Lead, Jayne Etherington, which will be posted across our social media platforms.

Baltic Apprenticeships partnered with Spill, a mental health and well-being support system this year to empower the team to take control of their own mental health.

Jayne talks through the positive impact Spill has had on her mental health; allowing her to better process her emotions and prevent burnout.

Thursday: Take Action, Embedding Inclusion

Thursday is all about embedding inclusion. It’s crucial to pause and delve deeper into your organisation’s underlying processes and procedures to verify its genuine inclusivity. This often unseen, behind-the-scenes effort, although time-consuming, is essential for lasting change.

👀 LOOK OUT FOR: Our 6-month check-in video with some of our EDI Working Group members, which will be posted across our social media platforms.

In January, Baltic Apprenticeships launched a new Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion strategy. As part of this strategy, employees were asked what inclusion means to them, and what they commit to in 2023.

We revisited Digital Marketing Coach, Olivia Anderson, and Data Analyst, Ben Kitching, to see how they were getting on with their EDI commitments.

Friday: Take Action, Evolving Inclusion

What was considered best practice 10 years ago – certainly isn’t best practice today.

Friday is about adapting to this shift, staying vigilant for best practices, and exploring innovative ways to enhance inclusion efforts. This can not only strengthen your inclusion strategy but also help in attracting and retaining top talent.

Saturday: Take Action, Evaluating Impact

Saturday is about evaluating the impact of inclusion and diversity initiatives or strategies. This can be one of the biggest challenges that organisations face when beginning inclusion work.

Admittedly, generating measurable outcomes can be complex, especially for smaller projects. However, it is essential to evaluate inclusion work to assess what’s effective, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate successes.

Sunday: Take Action, Evaluating National Inclusion Week

The final day of National Inclusion Week 2023 is all about celebrating the remarkable efforts being made for inclusion, regardless of where your organisation is on its inclusion journey, and evaluating what is next.

Why do we need National Inclusion Week?

National Inclusion Week is essential to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion within organisations, celebrate diversity, and understand how to recognise and address any discrimination.

It aims to empower marginalised groups, encourage collaboration, and inspire individuals to take action towards creating safe, inclusive spaces for everyone. Dedicating a specific week to focus on inclusion, drives change and encourages ongoing efforts to promote equity and inclusivity in workplaces, schools, and communities.

How can I get involved with National Inclusion Week 2023?

To get involved in National Inclusion Week 2023, you can engage with inclusion topics, use social media to join discussions and advocate for diversity, volunteer with relevant organisations, and advocate for change in your workplace or community.

We recommend following Inclusive Employers across their social media channels to stay involved in the conversation.

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You can also attend or organise events, such as workshops or panel discussions which cover diversity and inclusion topics.

More generally, we also recommend encouraging open conversations with those around you, supporting inclusive businesses, and reflecting on your own personal internalised ideas or biases to help to contribute to a more inclusive society.

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