Professional Development Options for Marketers

Written on: 14 October 2021

Written by: Megan Hussey



Investing in professional development for your marketing team is an effective way to embrace new marketing strategies, build a strong team and help your brand reach new audiences – but what is the best option for your organisation?

In this blog, we'll explore the different professional development routes for marketing professionals to help you decide the best route for your business.


The marketing industry doesn’t stand still. Social media platforms are constantly evolving to include new features, data analysis is becoming more important as more brands go digital, and video marketing is now used widely across marketing teams. To keep up with the emergence of these new technologies and remain competitive – organisations need to invest in their team's continuous professional development.

The number of vacancies advertised across the UK is at an all-time high which has lead to a candidate-driven jobs market. Companies are now offering a number of benefits to retain their talent - and professional development is an effective way to make your marketing team feel valued and loyal to your business. 

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The level of training your team needs depends on factors such as experience, knowledge, and personal goals. Professional development options include everything from self-led online courses to work-based training programmes, such as a professional development apprenticeship.

When selecting a training option for someone in your marketing team, it is important to consider their prior qualifications, career aspirations, and your training budget – some training options can be pricey!

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Certifications for Marketers

When you hear the word 'marketing', there are a few organisations who spring to mind as thought leaders, such as Google, Hootsuite, and HubSpot – to name a few! These companies all offer online courses to sharpen up your team’s digital marketing skillset. These programmes are often free and come with a product certification once the learner completes the course.

These programmes can be effective for members of your team who can't commit to a full-time programme but are looking to build their knowledge in specific areas of marketing such as SEO, Google Analytics, or building social media campaigns.

Marketing Apprenticeships

Many people believe apprenticeships are an entry-level route to launching a career in a specific field. Whilst this is one way that apprenticeships can be used, Higher Apprenticeships have been designed as a comprehensive professional development plan for those already working full-time in their chosen industry.

Our Level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship is an 18–21 month programme, designed as a strategic training plan for those looking to become an expert in their field. This course combines work-based learning, instructor-led training, and projects to create a stimulating training programme with real business impact.


There are many reasons why an apprenticeship could be the best option for your marketing team, but we've included our top 5:

1. Apprenticeships offer a ready-made training plan for marketing professionals

A Level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship is a much more than a training course, this programme offers a complete professional development programme with a built-in industry recognised qualification.

This course can help transform members of your team into marketing experts, helping them build new skills and broaden their understanding of marketing strategy – ultimately leading them to take on an increased responsibility in your team.

2. Apprentices will receive an industry-recognised marketing qualification

A Level 4 apprenticeship in marketing is equivalent to a foundation degree. This programme follows the Apprenticeship Standard and covers marketing theory, market research and campaign optimisation. Not only that, this programme meets the requirements for registration as an Affiliate Member with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

3. Apprenticeships are a cost-effective training option for marketers

Investing in marketing training can be expensive, when studying with organisations such as The Charted Institute of Marketing, you can expect to pay an annual membership, a tuition fee, and a cost of assessments.

Apprenticeships can be government-funded depending on the size of your business, meaning the government may contribute between 100% and 95% towards the cost of apprenticeship training, with employers topping up the last 5% as a co-investment payment. For larger organisations who pay into the Apprenticeship Levy, the cost of apprenticeship training will be paid through monthly deductions from your levy funds.

4. Marketing Apprenticeships encourage continuous professional development

Our Level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship builds on project management skills and prepares individuals to increase their responsibilities in a marketing team. Throughout the programme, learners will receive support and guidance from their Learning Mentor who will encourage them to achieve their goals.

A learner's journey doesn’t have to stop upon completion of a Level 4 programme; apprenticeships advance to degree level and beyond – with the highest apprenticeship being equivalent to a post-graduate degree.


To learn more about our Level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship, download our detailed programme outline, or get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

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