Baltic Apprenticeships Announces New Partnership with Microsoft

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Baltic Apprenticeships is thrilled to announce it is now a ‘Training Services Partner’ with multi-national corporation and technological company, Microsoft.

As businesses increasingly rely on sophisticated technologies to drive business operations, the demand for skilled professionals who can navigate specific technological environments has surged. Recognising this trend, Baltic Apprenticeships has partnered with Microsoft to build in-demand skills across Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Effective immediately, national training provider Baltic Apprenticeships will now deliver its Level 3 IT Support Technician and Level 3 Junior Data Analyst apprenticeship programmes in partnership with Microsoft. To reflect the training services partnership and the programme’s new specialist Microsoft pathways and Microsoft training modules, the programmes have been repackaged as ‘Microsoft IT Support Technician’ and ‘Microsoft Junior Data Analyst.’

Brooke Urwin, Chief Operating Officer at Baltic Apprenticeships, said:

“We are dedicated to equipping our apprentices with the skills required to thrive in the tech-driven future. Through our partnership with Microsoft, we are ensuring our apprentices are not just learning, but leading in the industry.”

Microsoft IT Support Technician – Specialist Pathways

Baltic Apprenticeships is integrating 3 specialised Microsoft pathways to ensure apprentices can become Microsoft experts and build skills relevant to the Microsoft infrastructure used. The new specialist pathways will provide apprentices with the opportunity to choose from 3 Microsoft training routes, including Microsoft 365, Azure Fundamentals, and Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals.

The pathways are designed to dive deep into each system, providing learners a comprehensive understanding of specific Microsoft environments, tools, and functions. At the end of the course, apprentices will sit the Microsoft exam that corresponds with their chosen pathway. Baltic Apprenticeships cover all additional Microsoft training and exam costs.

Microsoft Junior Data Analyst – MOS Excel Certification

Baltic Apprenticeships is introducing a Microsoft (MOS) Excel masterclass that allows apprentices to gain an MOS Excel certification, to ensure apprentices build relevant skills that cater specifically to the evolving needs of the data industry.

The new Microsoft (MOS) Excel masterclass will ensure learners are proficient in the industry’s most widely used data management tool – Microsoft Excel. The masterclass ensures learners can use built-in functions to calculate metrics, perform conditional analysis, and automate repetitive calculations.

At the end of the masterclass, apprentices will sit the Microsoft (MOS) Excel exam. Baltic Apprenticeships cover all additional Microsoft training and exam costs.

Microsoft Training Services Partner

As a Microsoft training services partner, Baltic have a team of in-house Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) that will directly support apprentices, and apprentices will have access to official Microsoft courseware, labs and exams. This collaboration is a significant milestone for the national training provider; partnering with Microsoft symbolises a huge leap forward in the training providers’ mission to provide high-quality, accessible technical education.

Through the partnership, Baltic Apprenticeships aims to elevate the quality and relevance of its IT & Data apprenticeships. This initiative empowers apprentices to build skills in the specific solutions their business uses, ensuring they can apply their learning directly to their daily tasks and align their development with their company’s strategic goals – encouraging internal growth and boosting new career opportunities.

About Baltic Apprenticeships

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About Microsoft

Microsoft is a frontrunner in technology and innovation, with products that span from operating systems to cloud services, Microsoft supports both individual productivity and business operations worldwide. The company is committed to providing technical innovation, security, and accessibility across its suite of products and services. Microsoft was established in 1975, and since then the company has transformed into a global leader and dominated software markets. Visit


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