How to Find your First Job in Digital Marketing

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We live in a digital world and our contemporary marketing techniques reflect this. Digital Marketing is a thriving industry; it is constantly growing and evolving to mirror new online trends, meaning there are more positions than ever opening up in the sector. Now is the perfect time to begin your new, exciting role in Digital Marketing!

Whether you have recently finished school, completed a university course, or just fancied a change of profession, this blog will talk you through the different ways you can begin your career in this growing field.


When it comes to kickstarting your new career in Digital Marketing, you need to make sure your CV is written to a high standard and includes any relevant experience that you have. Taking part in online courses is a fantastic way to build up your skillset and allows you to build up your CV too! Employers love to see that you have taken the time and effort to expand your knowledge on your own terms. This shows that you are dedicated to the industry and have a genuine urge to learn. As well as impressing potential employers, by investing your time into developing your abilities with online courses, you will be more prepared for your role when you receive a job offer.

We recommend taking a look at Google Digital Garage as it has a range of free online courses ready to complete at your own pace. Some of their online courses are accredited, including ‘Fundamentals of Digital Marketing’ and ‘Google Analytics 4’ which are great for aspiring digital marketers who want to grasp the basics. Upon completion, you gain a qualification and certificate from Google. There are other course providers, such as HubSpot Academy, that are beneficial for aspiring digital marketers looking for their first job. Having these types of certifications on your CV will make you stand out from the competition, making you more likely to land a job in the industry.


An Internship gives you the opportunity to gain work experience in an industry you do not have a lot of experience in, but want to explore and gain confidence in. They are usually 10 to 12 weeks and give people the opportunity to emerge themselves within a new job role while seeing how the business runs and learning from more qualified colleagues in the workplace. This is a great way to gain experience and make connections in Digital Marketing, Internships allow you to see if the job is right for you before making any bigger commitments. It is common practice for internships to be unpaid, as they are viewed as a chance for the candidates to develop their skill set, but there are some exceptions!


If you really want to get your foot through the door, Digital Marketing apprenticeships are the way forward. Not only are you gaining a nationally recognised qualification, you are also receiving valuable on-the-job training from the more experienced individuals in your team. If you show effort and willingness to learn throughout your apprenticeship course you are likely to get a job offer at the end of it too, which is arguably one of the best parts of taking this route. In fact, it’s not just school leavers who benefit from apprenticeships, many university graduates go on to complete apprenticeships as part of their professional development, and people who want a career change can benefit from gaining the extra qualification too.

However, unlike online courses or internships, an apprenticeship is a full-time commitment which lasts a minimum of 12 months. It’s best to research all things Digital Marketing first, this allows you to get a feel of what your day-to-day in this type of role could look like.


Apprenticeships are an amazing way to develop yourself professionally and personally whilst taking on a new venture. If an apprenticeship route sounds like the perfect option for you, explore our various apprenticeship programmes and check out our vacancies here.