How can I motivate my employees?

Written on: 13 June 2019

Written by: Freya King



A motivated workforce is a productive one. While it can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle trying to keep your team (as well as yourself), feeling driven, it is an essential aspect of working towards your business goals.

Give positive feedback

One of the most obvious ways to increase motivation is to make sure that everyone feels appreciated and valued for their contributions. It is important to celebrate and reward both personal and group successes. Instead of simply pointing out areas for improvement in your feedback, make sure that you are also highlighting areas that have been done well, so this can be carried forward onto future tasks.

Pointing out failures and punishing employees for their mistakes can lead to employee disengagement and lowered morale. Instead of being quick to blame, try encouraging them to try again and learn from their mistakes, as we all make them from time to time!

Create a positive working environment

Creating a relaxed working environment that your team feel comfortable in will allow them to get on with their work in peace, without additional stresses or distractions. Having a clean and pleasant office to come into every day makes a world of difference in terms of employee attitude.

Challenge your employees

If people feel bored at work, they can easily lose motivation. Make sure that everyone on the team has plenty to keep them busy, and that they are able to work on a variety of different tasks. Encourage employees to tackle new challenges that take them outside of their comfort zone, as this is where real job satisfaction can be found.

Offer clear progression routes

The promise of career progression opportunities will give ambitious employees something tangible to aim for, and this will be reflected in their efforts as they go above and beyond to try and meet their personal goals. Making examples of people who have progressed within the business will inspire others to strive for the same.


A bit of healthy competition between employees is a tried and tested way to keep them on their toes and foster team spirit. Introducing some form of rewards or incentive can lead to a noticeable increase in productivity and determination. If in doubt, speak to your team to find out what kind of things they are motivated by: it could be a prize, group activity, or simply a form of recognition.

Embrace different styles of working

Encouraging innovation and fresh ideas allows individuals to channel their creativity into their role. Don’t be tempted to micromanage; this lack of trust will quickly lead to a loss of enthusiasm. Giving your employees scope to get the job done in their own way will increase their willingness to do it well. Setting challenging yet realistic goals and deadlines will allow your team to efficiently prioritise their workload in order to make the most of their time.

Opportunities for training

The learning and development of your team should be something that is regularly revisited. Asking employees to keep a CPD (Continuous Personal Development) log will allow you to keep on top of how much workplace learning is taking place, and which areas need more attention. No matter how long someone has been in a role, there is always room for the improvement of skills, and offering training opportunities is a great way to keep employees engaged in their roles.

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