Guide to Changing a Career With a Tech Apprenticeship

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Not only is an apprenticeship a great way to start a career in your chosen industry, it’s also a perfect opportunity to change your career! There are various reasons as to why you may be looking for a career change, whether you feel stuck in a rut doing the same things day-in day-out within your current role, or whether you just fancy challenging yourself and entering a new industry.

Apprenticeships are open to anyone over 16 years-old, and while there are some common misconceptions surrounding the maximum age an apprentice can be – there is no maximum age for an apprenticeship. In fact, it is becoming increasingly more popular to take part in an apprenticeship later in life. In 2019/20, 47% of the apprenticeships started were by people aged 25 and over! As long as you have the relevant qualifications (which we will touch upon below!) and the right to work in the UK, you can enrol in an apprenticeship. This can include school leavers, career changers, or people looking to develop the skills required within their current job role.

The best part is that switching to a tech career is not as hard as it may seem. Our tech and digital apprenticeships will equip you with the right balance of technical and practical training in a workplace environment.

how to choose the right course for you

When considering your career in tech, there are a wide variety of apprenticeship opportunities out there. There is an apprenticeship to suit everyone – no matter what your interests and personal career goals are.  

Whether you are a complete beginner or have some prior industry knowledge; Baltic provide multiple levels of apprenticeship programmes to support the different stages in your chosen career. If you’re just starting out in an industry, a Level 3 programme is an ideal route for you. If you’ve already got relevant work experience, previous learning experience, or even a mix of both, and are looking for an advanced qualification to help forward your career, a level 4 apprenticeships would be a great fit for you.

At Baltic, we specialise in digital and tech apprenticeships. Our expert knowledge can help you enter exciting tech industries, such as: data analysis, digital marketing, IT, and software development.  


In terms of qualifications, the minimum grades that you need for all our apprenticeship programmes are GCSE Grade 4/C in Maths and English Language/English Literature. Any additional qualifications are listed on our individual vacancies.

If you studied outside of the UK, we may need to verify that your qualifications are a suitable equivalent to our minimum required grades. To do this, you’ll need to apply for a Statement of Comparability from UK ENIC, the national agency for international qualifications and skills. This generally costs around £50 and you’ll need copies of your qualifications to make an application.

Apprenticeship training is funded through the UK government. Therefore, there are some restrictions on who can be funded for an apprenticeship. To be considered for an apprenticeship, you must have the right to work in England and have an eligible residency status

what skills can you transfer into a tech role?

When considering a career change with a tech apprenticeship, it’s important to consider the strengths and even the weaknesses you may have picked up in your previous job roles. In previous job roles, you will have picked up transferable skills which will help progress you into a successful career in tech. By identifying your weaknesses as well as your strengths, you are able to reflect on the areas you need to improve and develop. This process allows you to professionally evolve and mature.

1. Problem solving

Problem solving is a desirable strength within tech. In the tech industry, problem solving skills can enable you to flourish in terms of finding solutions to problems and solving issues. Whether you are learning new coding skills, creating a social strategy or even optimising data, thinking outside the box can be highly beneficial to you and your company.

2. Teamwork

Teamwork is a common transferable skill that people pick up from previous roles. This skill is essential during your apprenticeship as you’ll be working and learning from different members of your team. You will get to know different areas of the business and build your experience by learning specialist skills from tech and data experts. If you want a career in tech and you can work collaboratively, you are already halfway there!

3. Organisation 

Demonstrating strong organisational skills within your new role will help you to focus your time, effort, and resources on work that matters. Organisation will help you to improve your productivity, efficiency, and time management. In previous roles you will have picked up organisational skills which will improve your ability to meat deadlines and manage your workload more effectively.

Whats next:

Apprenticeships are an amazing way to develop yourself professionally and personally whilst taking on a new venture. If an apprenticeship route sounds like the perfect option for you, explore our various apprenticeship programmes and check out our vacancies here.