Employer of the Year: 2020 Winner

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Alongside our annual Baltic Apprentice of the Year competition, we also open up the opportunity for our apprentices to nominate their workplace for our Employer of the Year award. 

This award, led by our apprentices, showcases the different ways that organisations can help their apprentices feel valued and supported as they go on their apprenticeship journey.

This year’s Employer of the Year winner is Link2ICT, nominated by their apprentice, Sameena Bibi. Sameena is working through her Level 3 Digital Marketer Apprenticeship programme with Baltic.

We caught up with Sameena to hear more about what makes Link2ICT Employer of the Year:

How has Link2ICT supported you throughout your apprenticeship?

I have such a fun time working at Link2ICT as everyone is open and enjoyable to work with. I feel trusted to take on work and projects which helps me develop my confidence and take pride in my work. 

They have offered me opportunities to improve on my skills and have helped me come out of my shell and be more collaborative and social. They encourage me to implement my learning into the job role and to give my ideas, opinions and advice without feeling awkward! There’s a calm, relaxed and transparent atmosphere in the marketing team, and I have weekly one-to-one meetings with my manager.

Link2ICT make sure that I have the time to keep on top of my work and training modules without feeling worried or stressed. It’s great to know I can focus on my reports and reflective accounts when I need to.

What skills have you developed with the help of your employer?

I have gained lots of practical knowledge of marketing, design and events and have been encouraged to take part and understand how each section in the marketing team works – both independently and alongside the bigger team.

I have developed skills within social media marketing, email campaigns, design, events, surveys and communication. I have developed my writing style for all the different platforms we use, and I have become more confident in my own voice as I have taken on new responsibilities as the internal communication officer.

Why is Link2ICT such a good place to work?

Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel like part of the team! The senior management team is lovely and very integrated into the teams. They are approachable and easy to talk to, and take what you say seriously, keeping you in the loop all the time.

I’m encouraged to explore the business and see all the different sections of it, giving my role a lot of interest and flexibility.

My manager allows me to work in a way that best suits me by allocating me tasks and letting me manage my time in a way that works well with me.

I have really enjoyed my apprenticeship here and have felt fully supported along the way!

Nominate your apprentice for our Apprentice of the Month Award!

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