Data Skills Bootcamp: How Can Your Business Benefit?

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The demand for data talent is skyrocketing. 86% of managers report having difficulty hiring talent in this area, but without people who can make use of your data, your data cannot work for you.

To combat the disparity between the growing demand for digital skills and the limited supply of individuals equipped with these skills, we work alongside the Department for Education to provide nationwide opportunities to adults (19+) in England that are interested in improving their tech and digital skills. 

Our Data Skills Bootcamp offers an exciting practical introduction to the world of data applicable to all departments – whether you’re looking to upskill staff in your Marketing, IT, Operations, Software or Finance teams.


We use a mix of instructor-led online training and hands-on activities to create a dynamic training opportunity, optimised for all learning styles.

The Data Skills Bootcamp will embed a strong understanding of data essentials for business, including four core elements:

  • Managing Data Projects
  • Data Modelling in SQL
  • Data Analysis
  • Telling Data Stories Using Data Visualisation Tools

Participants will also be able to choose from a range of additional self-directed courses, tailoring their learning to the needs of your organisation. From Software for Data to Data for Digital Marketing, we have options to suit all departments and career trajectories.


The business landscape is unpredictable! To remain agile, and to be ready for the changes ahead, you need to invest in your people and equip them with the skills they’ll need to thrive in the future.

An investment in data skills is an investment in the future of your organisation. According to a report by Forbes, 90% of data present in the world today was produced in the last two years alone. Businesses are drowning in data and can’t always recruit the talent they need to make sense of it.

By equipping your team with the skills and mindset to dive into your data, you can generate real insights into your operations, your customers, and your organisation. Data-driven decisions can improve your products, processes, and your bottom line.


The Government supports all of our two-week Digital Skills Bootcamp courses financially, but the Department of Education still requires employers to make a small contribution.

SMEs contribute 10% of the overall Digital Skills Bootcamp costs, which equates to £256.

Large organisations contribute 30% of the overall Digital Skills Bootcamp costs, which equates to £768.

Take a look at all of our Digital Skills Bootcamp courses.


Each of our Digital Skills Bootcamp courses runs on a fixed schedule with set dates and times.

We will always offer the upcoming Data Skills Bootcamp course date when a candidate enrols, but if they cannot attend those sessions, they can enrol on a Data Skills Bootcamp scheduled for a later date.

Our Data Skills Bootcamp takes place over the course of two weeks and contains eight full-day training sessions. The course runs Monday to Thursday (approx. 9.30am to 4pm) and both Fridays are kept free for learners to complete any additional work. On either Friday, learners can book optional 1-to-1s with their trainer for any extra support needed.

Our course offers flexibility and can fit around work or caring responsibilities. Each participant receives a recording of each session, so the learner can still access the content if they cannot attend a session for any reason.

For organisations looking to register multiple candidates, a bespoke accelerated training schedule may be arranged on request.


Our Data Skills Bootcamps are open to anyone aged 19+ living in England.

If you are looking to develop your team or add the responsibility of working with data to an employee’s role, our Data Skills Bootcamp is the perfect professional development route.

Seeking further information about the Data Skills Bootcamp programme, or looking to book spaces on the Data Skills Bootcamp for multiple members of staff? Please contact our team to discuss your skills needs.