Baltic Apprenticeships Launches Charity Partnership with The BCS Foundation

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Baltic Apprenticeships is thrilled to announce a new charity partnership with The BCS Foundation, a non-profit organisation with a mission to break down barriers and ensure all young people, no matter their background, have the same opportunities to develop their digital careers.

Throughout 2024, the apprenticeship training provider will support the charity by raising funds through business referral schemes and employee fundraising efforts. Baltic Apprenticeships will additionally support volunteering opportunities within My Digital Future, the flagship programme of The BCS Foundation.

Providing support, mentorship, and resources to those who need it most transforms not only individual lives but enhances the overall diversity of the technology profession. Together, Baltic Apprenticeships and The BCS Foundation are breaking down barriers, ensuring inclusive opportunities for all young people to launch a career in tech.

What is The BCS Foundation and My Digital Future?

Part of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, The BCS Foundation is a charity dedicated to making careers in tech accessible to all.

The My Digital Future programme provides tailored support for each young person, helping them to realise their ambitions in tech. This could include one-to-one or group coaching, financial support for IT equipment, materials or training, access to the BCS professional community, work placement and mentoring opportunities, and invitations to events and workshops.

As a BCS Accredited Training provider, Baltic Apprenticeships has been working with BCS since 2017 to accelerate digital careers. This collaboration signifies an exciting step forward in both Baltic Apprenticeships and The BCS Foundation’s journey to support and promote the development of future tech talent, create a strong and diverse IT profession, and build inclusive pathways to digital careers.

Tony Hobbs, Managing Director at Baltic Apprenticeships, said: “We are excited to formalise our partnership with The BCS Foundation and join its mission to make careers in tech accessible to all.

“Together, we are dedicated to bridging the gap and ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, has the opportunity to thrive in the digital era. This partnership is not just about creating opportunities; it’s about making digital education and careers inclusive and empowering for everyone.”

Julia Adamson MBE, MD for Education and Public Benefit at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT said: “We are thrilled to have Baltic Apprenticeships supporting the My Digital Future programme in 2024. There are so many young people out there who are bursting with talent, but who feel a career path in tech is out of reach. And that needs to change.

“We must tackle the obstacles to progress, especially for young women, particular ethnic groups, and people with disabilities. Baltic’s deep experience in launching digital careers and their commitment to inclusion aligns perfectly with our mission.”

How will Baltic Apprenticeships support The BCS Foundation?

There will be a multifaceted approach, incorporating a structured charity referral scheme, various fundraising events, and a pledge to provide vital mentorship and volunteering assistance.

Charity Referral Scheme

Baltic Apprenticeships has introduced a formalised charity initiative to support The BCS Foundation. When a Baltic partner refers another business that would benefit from investing in apprenticeships, Baltic will make a £150 donation to The BCS Foundation in the partner’s name if that referral is successful.

Funds raised through the charity referral scheme will help The BCS Foundation to develop its work further, expand its reach to more young people, and ensure the charity can support those from disadvantaged backgrounds to access essential resources and technology.

Fundraising Events

Alongside the charity referral scheme, Baltic Apprenticeships are organising various internal and external events to fundraise throughout the year, and all funds will be directly donated to The BCS Foundation.

Plans include charity football and netball tournaments, raffles, bake sales, and a sponsored 10K race. The Baltic Apprenticeships team hope their fundraising efforts will inspire other businesses to consider the ways they can support their chosen charity throughout 2024.

Pictured: Baltic Apprenticeships’ football team at Business Fives charity football tournament after winning the Europa League trophy and raising £725 for The BCS Foundation.

Coaching: My Digital Future

An IT career is one of the most powerful catalysts for social mobility but it can be incomprehensible and hard to access without connections to people in the profession. That’s why volunteers are vital to driving a positive impact for participants in My Digital Future.

Several Baltic Apprenticeships employees have volunteered to become coaches for My Digital Future, committing 1 – 2 hours a month to support students on their education and career journey, and the training provider hopes to inspire others working in tech and digital professions to do the same.

Pictured: Baltic Apprenticeships’ My Digital Future volunteers ready to impact the lives of young people looking to start or advance their tech and digital careers.

Coaches provide encouragement, guidance, and feedback regularly. They bring their tech career experiences along with valuable insights into different education routes and professional pathways, all of which help young people navigate the key decisions and challenges they may be facing.

A volunteer MDF coach said: “This is such a worthwhile opportunity, and you provide an instant source of support to the coachee, who may be struggling with their choices or where to go for answers. Being a coach can change life opportunities and future prospects of the coachee, it is highly important and essential.”

My Digital Future can have a significant impact on individual lives, building confidence alongside skills, and providing connections to people and opportunities that advance careers. All volunteers are vetted, provided with training and handbooks to guide their engagements and have a designated support contact to discuss information, advice, and guidance.

What can you do to support The BCS Foundation?

💰 Donate through business or individual donations if you’re in a position to do so.

🫂 Volunteer: as the programme grows, there is an ongoing need for volunteer coaches to help guide and support young people on the programme.

✨Share the partnership on social media to improve the visibility of the partnership and joint mission.

You can visit The BCS Foundation’s website to learn more about its work and how you can get involved, and you can keep up to date with Baltic Apprenticeships’ charity work via its website or LinkedIn profile.