Baltic Apprenticeships Launch Brand New Website in Collaboration with Mediaworks

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Baltic Apprenticeships has partnered with award-winning Digital Marketing agency, Mediaworks, to create its brand-new website. Baltic Apprenticeships’ new website acts as an accessible route to education and training, and improves access to apprenticeship opportunities on a national basis, as the company proudly operates across England.

The website was built to empower users to make informed decisions based on their own specific career roles, goals, or business needs. The refurbished site allows users to effortlessly explore Baltic Apprenticeships’ range of tech and digital apprenticeship programmes and gain insights into the benefits they offer for both apprentices and employers.

The website sets a new standard for the education industry. As a leading provider of tech and digital apprenticeships, it was paramount for Baltic Apprenticeships to create an innovative website that enhanced the online experience of both apprentices and employers. Both apprentices and employers will benefit from a smoother virtual experience; the new site prioritises interactive features, clear navigation, tailored content, and the ability to be used seamlessly across devices.

Mediaworks played a vital role in creating the new user-friendly site. From conceptualisation to execution, Mediaworks has been instrumental in ensuring the website aligns with Baltic Apprenticeships’ creative vision. Mediaworks has empowered Baltic Apprenticeships with a robust digital foundation for their digital presence – with mass opportunities for digital growth.

Through this creative partnership, Baltic Apprenticeships can continue to play its part in inspiring the next generation of tech and digital experts and accelerating the ambition to onboard apprentices across the nation.

Shae Dickman, Head of Business Improvement at Baltic Apprenticeships, said:

“We are thrilled to unveil our new website, which represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing exceptional tech and digital opportunities. By partnering with Mediaworks, we have created a platform that showcases the quality of our programmes and allows both apprentices and employers to easily connect with us.”

The collaboration was more than just a business deal, as Baltic Apprenticeships and Mediaworks have had a long-standing professional relationship. Prior to the website collaboration, Mediaworks have onboarded over 25 apprentices with Baltic Apprenticeships across their five UK offices, ranging from Digital Marketing apprentices to IT Support apprentices.

Andrew Blenkinsop, Chief Strategy Officer at Mediaworks, said:

“We’re thrilled to see the work we’ve delivered for Baltic Apprenticeships go live. Their site is a gateway for thousands of connections between those wanting to start their chosen careers and employers looking to invest in the upskilling of their future workforce. We see this as a true partnership, as we’ve enjoyed a long-standing and fruitful relationship with Baltic and Mediaworks’ own commitments to invest in our own future leaders.”   

Mediaworks’ Design Team, Development Team, and Project Management, collectively said:

“From start to finish, the work we did with Baltic was a collaboration of like minds. The team there were open and engaging to work with and our suggested solutions were met with the right blend of positive interrogation and a willingness to want to create a true first in a site that would carry equal appeal to those wanting to secure a clear career path and those employers looking to grow their teams.”

To explore Baltic Apprenticeships’ new website, and learn more about the exciting opportunities available, please visit the site.

For more information about Baltic Apprenticeships website launch, please contact Lydia Chilton at Baltic Apprenticeships, at 01325 731 050 or