Baltic Apprenticeships Become the First Apprenticeship Training Provider to Partner with Barclays Digital Eagles

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Baltic Apprenticeships have launched a new partnership with Barclays to help their apprentices build confidence in money management.

Our 1276 learners will now have complete access to the Digital Wings platform along with bespoke virtual events delivered by the Barclays Digital Eagles team. This educational resource hub and the live events will contain content on topics such as digital safety, budgeting, saving tips, and other digital skills for life.

Shae Dickman, Head of Apprentice Success, said:

“We are thrilled to become Digital Eagles Partners and are excited about the positive impact this relationship will have on our learners. With inflation rising and the cost of living increasing, we knew we had to broaden access to finance learning resources for our apprentices, which made teaming up with Barclays the perfect solution.

“As an apprenticeship training provider, we have a responsibility to ensure our learners have the resources they need to weather the cost of living crisis. We are already a signatory of the Apprentice Decent Wage pledge to create living wages for those in training. Our partnership with Barclays will give our learners additional tools to manage their finances with confidence through their apprenticeship journey and beyond.”

The partnership is already well underway with co-hosted webinars taking place throughout September. Through these live events, Baltic apprentices across the country will be offered free sessions on money mentoring with finance experts, and will have access to an insightful talk about staying safe online and increase their digital confidence.

Liam Mitchell, Head of Learning at Barclays Digital Eagles said:

“In the last 2 years, many of us have depended on technology more than ever to go about our daily lives and stay connected to friends and family. However, we know there are many people who don’t feel as confident and therefore aren’t getting the most out of the benefits that digital can bring when connecting with others or managing their finances.

“The Barclays Digital Eagles are passionate about empowering communities across the UK to be more confident with technology, which is why we’ve partnered with Baltic Apprenticeships to provide tailored resources and training that can help their apprentices feel confident and safe using technology to enhance their day to day lives.”