Apprentice of the Month Winner - June 2022

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Summer has now arrived and our Apprentice of the Month award has returned! Over June we have received many outstanding nominations from our employers, so let’s get started and highlight our official winner as well as our stand out nominees for this month!

Here at Baltic, we love hearing about our learners achievements, so let’s dive in and present to you June’s winner..


With that being said here’s a huge congratulations to Michael Scully, who is our Apprentice of the Month winner for June! Currently, Michael is completing his Level 3 IT Support Technician apprenticeship at St Edmund Arrowsmith High School.

Michael was nominated by his manager Paul Roby who shared these words about him:

“Michael joined us with no prior background experience in I.T, his only experience was building computers at home and helping friends. Since joining our school Michael has been a huge player in massive cyber-attack which has taken 6 months to fully recover from.

“During this period Michael has developing knowledge of Sophos Intercept X, Intune, Azure, Citrix. , Active Directory, Linux and IOS devices. He has wiped thousands of iPads and laptops and been a major part of restoring 6 sites.

“Michael has learned about 3rd party patch management and is now monitoring our cyber security threats daily via Exchange online and Windows Defender online and Sophos. He has developed a knowledge of vulnerability scanning and confidently raises questions when he is unsure or doesn’t understand. “

This is what Paul Roby, the ICT Network Manager at St Edmund Arrowsmith High School had to say about Michael’s progress:

“Michael has been a pivotal part of the restoration and a solid well-liked member of the team. He is now educating and developing other members within the team and passing on his knowledge. We offered Michael a job due to the impressive skill set and knowledge he has presented. I have worked in I.T for 20 years and Michael is one the most promising upcoming ICT Technicians I have seen for some time.“


We also want to showcase our other 11 stand out nominees for this month who deserve to be recognised for their achievements and commitment in the workplace!

Alicia Hulland, Embello

“Having only joined us a few months ago, she excelled in her marketing role and quickly became a trusted member of the team. We’ve enjoyed supporting apprentices at Embello for close to a decade, however Alicia is one-of-a-kind and by far the most committed and professional apprentice we’ve had. To top it off, Alicia has been pivotal in us winning a major client which has been a goal of the business for several years.”

Andrew Snedded, Synergi

“Andrew is a great asset to the company and has settled in well with the team, we have assigned certain roles to him which he needs to do on a daily basis (monitoring Alerts/Backups for customers) which has picked up with no issues. We send out surveys for tickets that we complete, Andrew has received a number of these all scoring 5s across the board, the highest score”

Curtis Brown, Excelpoint

“Curtis is a dedicated individual who has thrown himself 100% into his role within the marketing team at Excelpoint. He is becoming a vital member of the Excelpoint team, bringing skills to the business, building Excelpoint’s brand awareness across our social media platforms, managing the website, and writing content in the form of blogs, case studies, social media posts, and awards. Curtis is a joy to be around, with a positive can-do attitude, and is always willing to help others.”

Ed Chapman, Swarthmore Education Centre

“Ed started the role in March and has made a significant difference to our data management systems. He has taken on challenges in a logical and methodical way resulting in him developing new ways of working – making processes more efficient and less time-consuming. He is an enthusiastic member of the team and has made the role his own in a short period of time.”

Ethan Murphy, Bondgate IT

“Ethan, who started as a new apprentice within our company, demonstrates our company values and culture amazingly to our customers. We would like to say a big thank you for the passion he has shown in each passing day, from attending training and meeting with his coaches and co-workers. He shows great empathy along with fantastic passion for his role, not only does Ethan reflect our company values well, but he also enjoys doing so.”

Jake Turnbull, Clive Owen

“Jake has been a breath of fresh air here at Clive Owen and has fitted in well within the company almost immediately, his determination and hard work has been recognised not only by me, the IT Director or the partners here at Clive Owen, but all the staff across the 4 offices also. He is a pleasure to have around and takes every task head on without hesitation and is willing to ask questions on subjects when needed, as well as giving his input on projects where others may shy away from lack of confidence or knowledge on the subject. Jake’s positive attitude and work ethic is a credit to himself, he’s capable of working on his own when needed or as part of the team.”

Kirty Johnson, Tee Gee Digital

“The team at Tee Gee Digital have noticed great progression in terms of Kirsty’s personal and professional development skills on the job. Part of this is down to that fact that Kirsty has built up fantastic knowledge in the digital marketing all platforms and this knowledge has given her the confidence she needs to give voice to her ideas and opinions for the ongoing projects at Tee Gee Digital.”

Lydia Harding, Very Displays

“Lydia has showcased her agility and commitment to her role in not only her work placement but her studies as well. She has achieved 100% in one of her exam modules and is excelling in her training and project work with Baltic. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback internally and Baltic about Lydia. She’s dedicated and willing to learn, and hope as the placement progresses, she can grow in confidence within our company.”

Shantelle King, Qualsafe

“Shantelle is incredibly enthusiastic to learn and goes above and beyond to all tasks given to her, taking ownership, and delivering more than is expected every time. She has now received Apprentice of the Week three times and this dedication is also reflected in her work with our business. Over the past few months Shantelle has thrown herself into website creation, email campaigns and has a keen eye for analytics. She is already an brilliant asset to our team, and is continuing to grow and share her new learning with us as her apprenticeship progresses.”

Sian Auston, Industrial Supply Specialists

“Since Sian started in January, her timekeeping has been exemplary, along with a great attitude to learn. Her enthusiasm never dampens and her eagerness to learn about the finite details of the business is first class. It is easy to be critical of young people these days so nice to have an apprentice with such a great attitude and drive to push and learn something new every day.”

Timothy Bennett, Aviva

“Tim Bennett is your model student, his enthusiasm and desire to learn is only exceeded by his drive to make things happen. Tim proactively sought out this apprenticeship and enrolled with full support from myself and Aviva, and since enrolling Tim has been fully committed to the course. Tim dedicates time each day to progress his learnings whilst maintaining a high pressure role delivering against regulatory demands. A balance that has worked well due to the dedication Tim has shown to the course.”


If you’ve got a Baltic Apprentice who deserves some recognition, we’d love to share their story!

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Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.