Apprentice of The Month - September 2023

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It’s our favourite time of the month! 🎉

The end of the month means we get to highlight the incredible successes of some of our learners who have been put forward by their employers.

Although the nights are getting darker, our apprentices are shining brighter than ever. So, it’s time to announce this month’s winner…


Congratulations to Hannah Gott for being awarded September’s Apprentice of the Month! Hannah is a Level 3 IT Support Technician Apprentice with Next Generation IT, and her manager, Annette, had nothing but fantastic words to say about her and the positive impact she’s had since starting with the company.

Read below to see what Hannah’s manager had to say about her apprenticeship journey so far.

“We are nominating Hannah as she has been a brilliant addition to our team since she joined us in May this year as an Apprentice IT Helpdesk Support Technician.  She is the first female support technician to work for the company, which is a fantastic step forward.  Hannah has welcomed every aspect of her role; she is super keen to learn and grow and eagerly wants to get involved.

Hannah sits amidst all level of technicians and intently listens to their discussions, often getting involved. Hannah takes ownership of any task given to her and works swiftly to complete; she takes on tasks where she has to fact find to resolve, to ensure problems are resolved.  In busy times Hannah is left to ‘man’ the helpdesk on her own, which she handles with competence and professionalism.  Only six months in and we already find that Hannah is an important part of the team, she has already started going into schools to carry out certain projects, we are confident that by 12 – 18 months she will have a school of her own to support.

We are impressed with Hannah’s approach to her coursework, she is always ahead of the game, keen to get coursework submitted and quite often before the deadlines, and she always engages with people in the Teams meetings. Hannah is an asset to the company whom we feel very lucky to have.”

Well done Hannah, we’re so proud of you!


As well as celebrating this month’s winner, we would love to continue the celebration by congratulating our stand-out nominees from this month. These apprentices have been put forward by their managers for showcasing hard work and dedication to their job role.


“Tracey’s performance since she joined us two months ago has left us thoroughly impressed. From the very beginning, she has adeptly managed a substantial workload within her role, demonstrating composure and a readiness to tackle any assigned task (from which these have been very varied – we certainly threw her in at the deep end!). But she has taken it all in her stride, even asking us for more work! Her self-assured demeanour, innovative thinking, and remarkable advancement within her role have been astounding. And that isn’t just in her day-to-day role – we’ve received incredibly positive feedback from her mentor at Baltic as well, highlighting her advanced skills and expertise.

Despite the short time Tracey has been with us, she has already proven what an incredible asset she is to our team, and we’d love to see all her hard work and determination recognised.”


“Aiden has undoubtedly emerged as a valuable asset to our team. In our professional domain, daily interactions with a wide array of customers are imperative, and Aiden has consistently exhibited a high level of confidence right from the start. He has wholeheartedly embraced his role as a supporter, and his unwavering enthusiasm is particularly remarkable, especially when considering his age and the inherent demands of his position.

We firmly believe that we have unearthed a rare talent in Aiden, characterized by his exceptional personality, boundless enthusiasm, and impressive skillset. Every week, Aiden brings something new to the table, and we love to see him flourish in our workplace.”


“I am thrilled to nominate Tom Whitwell for the Apprentice of the Month at Evolving Networks. Tom is currently enrolled in a software developer course and has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and rapid progress in his learning journey. Throughout his time as an apprentice, Tom has exhibited an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a strong commitment to personal growth. His enthusiasm for software development is contagious, and he approaches every challenge with a positive attitude and a determination to excel. He’s been named session superstar twice by his mentor, and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback.

Tom’s ability to quickly grasp complex coding concepts and apply them in practical projects is truly commendable. He consistently meets and often exceeds project expectations, showcasing his technical prowess and problem-solving skills. Tom is also known for his proactive approach to helping his colleagues, offering assistance and innovative ideas whenever needed. Tom’s strong communication skills and collaborative nature make him a valuable team member. He readily shares his knowledge, fosters a positive working environment, and contributes to the success of our projects.

Tom’s exceptional dedication, rapid skill development, and collaborative spirit make him an ideal candidate for Apprentice of the Month. We believe he not only deserves this recognition but also represents the future of software development at Evolving Networks.”


I would like to put Liam Basnett forward for Apprentice of the Month, please. I think he deserves to get that recognition for all the hard work he has put in since starting at Bloc.

Not only did he have the pressures of starting an apprentice course in a workplace environment for the first time, but he also left home and relocated to a new town, all on his own to pursue his career. The dedication to leave everything you know and push yourself out of your comfort zone like that is just inspirational. His work ethic and attitude have been incredible. His confidence has grown so much since being here and cannot wait to see what the future brings for him. He was voted as Session Superstar by yourselves and continues to achieve and smash every goal he is set. He is always on time, always enthusiastic to learn and willing to help with anything. He is kind, thoughtful and always polite to everyone he speaks to. We, at Bloc, are so proud of the growth and will continue to help guide him in his career and apprenticeship. He deserves the recognition.”


If you’ve got a Baltic apprentice who deserves some recognition, we’d love to share their story!

Please send your nomination (a minimum of 200 words) to

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.