Apprentice of the Month - November 2022

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Another month, another stand out apprentice!

As we enter December, we wanted to highlight some more of our incredible apprentices and the ways in which they have made a positive impact to their workplace.

The days might be getting darker, but our apprentices are shining brighter than ever.


We would like to introduce you to the winner of November’s Apprentice of the Month competition… Umir Rehman! Umir is currently completing his Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship at StackUp Digital.

Glen Wheeler, Co-Founder and Director of StackUp Digital, had these kind words to say about Umir’s progress within the workplace:

“We have had Umir join us for just short of two months and we are already seeing a Super Star in the making. I cannot tell you how impressed we are as company owners and as a team. Everyone in the office has been so impressed with the way he has fit in, progressed, and communicated.”

Glen provided us with lots of reasons why Umir should win Apprentice of the Month, but here are our favourites:

“Umir listens to instructions very well and always asks key questions. He makes other members of the team think differently and is vocal on how his and our ideas can make a difference in projects. Turns up to work always on time and leaves the office late, always stays back to learn more and complete tasks that are set out for him. Umir always gets the job done without any complaints.”

“It’s quite unheard of but Umir has already delivered two new projects to clients. Despite Umir being relatively new to the business, I felt like he was ready.”

“Umir is going from strength to strength, and already we’re sold on hiring him after the apprenticeship, he is such a kind, soft-spoken gentleman and has a great future ahead of him in this industry, he is only getting started and I really hope he decides to stay with us long term.”

A massive congratulations to you Umir, you should be very proud of yourself!


We also want to showcase our 13 stand-out nominees for November who deserve to be recognised for their achievements and commitment in the workplace!


“Teo is progressing very well at Oasis. We are challenging her with a variety of tasks which she takes in her stride. Her organisation and time management are helping her shine in the Studio environment, whilst successfully completing the commitments of her apprenticeship.”


“Elicia has recently led two large campaigns including a multi-channel campaign and a Black Friday event to our retail customers. She has worked extremely hard, done an outstanding job and has received great feedback. While acting professionally at all times. I am really proud of her.”


“Jack joined the IT Desktop Support team in June and it’s fair to say that he has exceeded all of our expectations by far. Jack naturally has all the key attributes required for his role and some more. The real standout quality he shows, which will serve him well in his career is problem solving. He will do his best to solve something before asking for help, demonstrating that he wants to own his continuous learning and development. As a result of this, he regularly brings ideas to the table, making him such a great asset to the team.”


“Since joining Bishop Chadwick Trust IT Team he has demonstrated a professionalism, focus and drive that I would expect from an experienced IT Engineer. He approaches every task with a can-do attitude, always relishing the chance to further his knowledge and prides himself on providing an excellent service. I cannot stress enough how far Carter has come in a short amount of time, he has blown me away with how well he has done and continues to do.”


“Having started work in the Hospital Informatics Team right in the middle of COVID Chloe had the daunting task of having to learn everything about her workload and her colleagues through the medium of Microsoft Teams. She has still managed to learn everything about the business processes and IT systems surrounding the data she deals with. She has become a valuable and fun member of the team. Chloe has approached her apprenticeship with enthusiasm and positivity and hopes to benefit from the courses, the interaction with the other attendees and time for self-reflection. She always contributes positively to meetings and always has an optimistic can-do attitude and is a pleasure to work with.”


“Mia has been with us for a couple of months now and has continually demonstrated a positive attitude towards her work and wider personal surroundings. She is an exceptional employee and Elanders are very fortunate to have her on board. Mia has hit the ground running and played a pivotal role in effectively communicating the companies values and service offering through a wide range of channels. Mia’s eagerness to learn new skills and soak up knowledge is admirable and from working close with her I can see a positive successful future ahead.”


“Aaron shows great initiative and has already made his presence known in our company. A personal customer called with an issue with her PC, Aaron answered the phone and arranged for her to bring the PC in for him to look at. He took it apart and got it working, but called her to advise that it would need a new hard drive and that the fix was temporary. The customer advised him to go ahead and fit the new hard drive, which he did! I was impressed with his initiative and knowledge, he has already proved himself to be an excellent member of the team!”


“Olivia has now been with the team for 3 months and has impressed me with how quickly she has picked up various elements of her role. Olivia has had artwork signed off by the client and approved for print on the first draft, has shown initiative with finding new and interesting content ideas for our clients and has shown herself to be a really strong team player. Nothing is too much trouble for Olivia as she happily gets involved in anything asked of her. I can only imagine how much more Olivia will learn in the next 12 months as she’s learned so many new skills already.”


“An asset to Anota, and a truly valued member of the team. Over the last six months, Reece has developed both his professional and personal skills to an exceptional standard. Having now “come out of his shell”, Reece is a great personality within the team, a pleasure to share a workspace with, and a truly helpful colleague. Our technical team is reaching new heights with regards to efficiency and general customer support, for which we must give thanks to Reece’s improvements in every aspect. He is a fantastic asset to our team and has cemented himself as a key player in our customer experience journey – we could not be happier, well done Reece!”


“Dylan has been a committed and studious employee, who has shown an excellent ability to independently drive himself towards new achievements that not only develop him as an individual, but are also helping to improve the extensive operations KAEFER perform at one of the most complex nuclear facilities in the world.”


“Jake has proven to be an invaluable member of the team, and his capability for learning has quickly enabled him to make excellent progress within the department. He has also been praised by clients and staff alike for his warm and fuzzy demeanour, he constantly brings a smile along with him and if you are lucky some chocolate (he’s got a proper sweet tooth)! Jake is in the right career and has a great balance between his apprenticeship and work. He has settled incredibly well into the role and is fully armed with a massive amount of positivity and technical ability making him a great fit for Clive Owen LLP. Jake continues to blow us away with all his achievements and we are extremely pleased he has come on board. We are looking forward to seeing how Jake develops even further.”


“Something that is very important to us in an apprentice is their creativity and spontaneity since our field can sometimes be a bit dry. Tyler is a brilliant young lady, with an outstanding character. Always available to help everyone around her, I have also been able to observe her passion, determination, and resilience; as well as her willingness to learn and work independently. In addition to learning, she has the ability to apply the information obtained in all the activities she performs for us. That makes our job easier!”


“Molly has picked up all marketing tasks easily which is very impressive as she had little marketing experience previously. She now manages the companies Hootsuite account where she creates new industry related and fun content to improve engagement rates. She researches, creates, and schedules each post on her own. She has made our socials a lot more fun and topical, board members are even commenting and liking her work. Molly is naturally creative and I do not know how I coped without her before!”


Apprentice of the Month will take a short break during the festive period, but we’ll be back in January sharing some amazing achievements from our learners.

To nominate your apprentice, please send us around 200 words to, or stay tuned for details of our 2022 Apprentice of the Year nominations!

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.