Apprentice of The Month - May 2024

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We’re back!!! Did you miss us?

We’re so excited to announce our first Apprentice of The Month winner of 2024!

To kick us off for the year, we received an outstanding selection of nominations from our employers highlighting the remarkable achievements of their apprentices.

Although the nominations were strong, and it was a tough decision to make, we’re so excited to announce our May winner along with some incredible standout nominees.

Drum roll please…


Congratulations to Brandon Bruce for being awarded May’s Apprentice of the Month!

Recently completed as a Level 3 IT Support Technician Apprentice with Northfield School and Sports College, his manager, Oliver had nothing but high praise for the work Brandon has accomplished on his apprenticeship!

“To say Brandon has exceeded expectations would be an understatement. I have trained several apprentices in my time in IT and none have been as seamless as training Brandon.

His genuine passion for IT has resulted in his learning far outreaching both myself and Sean’s (Senior Engineer) expectations to the point where he has delved into the world of Linux and has started developing a home lab and repurposing old hardware where possible as well as advancing into repairing people electronics. Repairing game console controllers seems to be a particular strength.

From day one points to note about Brandon

  • His note-taking is impeccable. Once shown the power of OneNote he has built himself a comprehensive repository of information gathering and citing sources as he goes as well as fully embracing online platforms such as Pluralsight as well as YouTube to expand his knowledge both in and out of work.
  • At first Brandon struggled with communication with staff and in particular parents. However, this did not stop him from trying without complaint and now has reached a point where his communication skills have skyrocketed, it has been nice to see him develop friendships with other colleagues and actively engage in out-of-work functions and outings.

Successes in his time with us:

  • Co-developed and deployed an arcade system built on Debian requiring minimal input from myself all done based on research. This system is now used daily in our PLC.
  • Independently developed an asset tracking system for our loan iPads using Asset Tiger as well as sorting out the daily reporting.
  • Developed a spreadsheet using VB coding and API pulls to create a database of devices that have gone out for repair.
  • Has become a keystone role within our iPad scheme and considering being relatively new to the working world has taken the responsibility in waves and has become a reliable engineer.

In summary, I think that Brandon has done exceptionally well, and I will be eager to see how he develops as an engineer moving forward.”

Well done Brandon keep up the great work!


We couldn’t end the month without celebrating and congratulating our stand-out nominees put forward by their employers for showcasing hard work, passion, and dedication to their apprenticeship.


“Despite having only been with the business for five months, Ruby stepped up when I was suddenly taken ill and had to take an extended leave of absence.

Throughout March and April, in addition to her usual responsibilities, Ruby rose to the challenge of supporting a number of colleague and customer events across the country as well as representing the marketing team in supplier meetings and progressing trading plan campaigns despite never having been involved in these previously.

Ruby is proving herself to be a very capable colleague and her willingness to take on responsibilities in times of crisis has shown her to be both resourceful and resilient.“


“Adam has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication throughout his apprenticeship.

Adam has particularly excelled in presenting Power BI dashboards to senior stakeholders at large corporate clients. He built an excellent customer dashboard that shows key performance indicators (KPIs) and includes a map of the sites we have visited.

His ability to convey complex data insights in an accessible and professional manner has significantly impressed our clients and contributed to our team’s success. His technical proficiency in SQL and Power BI is evident, and he continually leverages these skills to enhance our projects.

Adam’s dedication to his role and continuous personal growth are truly commendable. He consistently goes above and beyond in his duties, demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence.”


“James has had an extremely strong start to his time here at ITC. He has gone above and beyond and exceeded all our expectations. He has a fantastic “can do” attitude and is always willing to rise to a challenge.

He is solving issues and tickets well above his current level. If he does not know the answer to a problem, he will take the initiative and research to find out the resolution. James found the solution to a problem that a senior engineer was having an issue with. This senior engineer highlighted James’s fantastic troubleshooting skills in our weekly team meeting.”


“Beth recently reached her milestone first anniversary with CERT. During the last 12 months, her confidence and ability have grown exponentially.

Beth has had exposure to several marketing channels and tools during her time with the company, going from no previous exposure, to now showing proficiency across all platforms; from our suite of social media channels, Instagram, Facebook, X, YouTube and LinkedIn, and adapting our content to best suit each one, to managing our website content through our CMS, WordPress, making improvements from small updates, through to completely new pages, writing blog posts and ensuring metadata is in place,  managing our CRM, which changed from HubSpot to Zoho during her apprenticeship, a change she took in her stride.

Ensuring lead generation workflows run smoothly, landing pages are set up and email marketing messages are in place to support our campaigns creating offline communications in Canva such as sales brochures, floor plan brochures and pitch documents.”


“James has many developing talents. In addition to the many other jobs we give him, James has taken his web coding to the next level with 2 commercial-facing websites. This required him to design and implement a project plan to make it happen.

He is the single owner of our helpdesk (built on Zen desk) and has built a commercial website for one of our brands. There is not much he cannot do when he puts his mind to it.”


If you’ve got a Baltic apprentice who deserves some recognition, we’d love to share their story!

Please send your nomination (a minimum of 200 words) to

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.